Ministry Printables

These printables are designed to help you with your Women's Ministry. Some will be helpful for general ministry as well.

The Ministry Resource Downloads have a download fee. They are immediate downloads.

All the rest of the catagories are free for you to download without any fees. Enjoy!

Please Note: In order to keep newer free downloads available, I take older ones down from time to time, so if you see something you want, take it when you see it. It may be not be available the next time you visit.

Adobe Reader  Most of the downloads require Adobe Reader.
Ministry Resource Downloads (for purchase)
  • Ministry Resources
  • This is the CLM Resource Shop for Women's Ministry. All of the downloads are written by Julia.

Ministry Forms
  • Forms
  • Forms for planning and various forms such as for birthday, sign-in lists, Secret Sister forms, etc.

Study Sheets/ Lesson Handouts

Saying and Verse Tags
  • Saying/Verse Tags
  • Sayings and Bible verses to go along with themes, crafts, and Women's Ministry related events.

Labels and Large Tags

Holiday Printables


Music and Scripture

Need Graphics to Share Online for Ministry?

  • Go to the Computer Room.
    • Printing Tips:
    • Some of these print better on plain white copy paper such as candy wrappers, tea bags and seed packets. Others print better on white card stock such as boxes, tent cards, and bookmarks.
    • There are all sorts of papers of various weights and textures on the market for you to try.
    • Be sure to have the paper of your choice in your printer and select only the pages of your pdf file that you want for that type of paper when printing out your printables.
    • The quality of printing will depend of your choice of paper, your type of printer and settings, and the type of ink you are using.

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