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I used to have names for all of my page sections on the website. This page used to be called, "The Toolshed". I thought I'd revert back to calling it that. From here you can venture off into all of the subsections of the website. Feel free to bookmark this page if you wish. I trust you will enjoy your browsing.
Helps for Women's Ministry

Pastor's wives and those involved in Women's Ministry within the local church sometimes have to wear a lot of hats. These helps are here to enable you wear those hats with a little more style. Many of these things are geared to the practical and hands on side of ministry. There are also helps for the Christian woman in general.

My hope is that you'll find a few tools and helps to enable you to be creative in your local church Women's Ministry.

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A few of these are listed in more than one category.
WM=Women's Ministry
Online Tools
The Computer Room is full of online tools which are made especially to help you with blogs, websites, e-mails, e-newsletters, and social media. There are lots of free downloads for you to use online.
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