Valentines Games and Icebreakers for Church Banquets

Games and Icebreakers
Valentines Day

Games and Icebreakers appropriate for church Valentine's Banquets and Dinners.

  • Biblical Couples Printable Game (Pick up a free printable on Julia's Blog)

  • Make a Heart Tree
    Use a large silk tree (ficus, etc.) and hang red and white construction paper hearts on the branches with ribon. Ahead of time, have your couples turn in photographs of themselves when they were babies or kids. Make a printer copy so you can give their original back right away! Then cut and paste the couples together, a couple on each heart. At the banquet everyone can guess who the couples are. You can give a prize if you wish to the one who guesses and gets the most couples right. (That all depends how large of an attendance you're expecting). Number the hearts on the back and keep a list of the corresponding couples so somebody will know who they actually are!

    Photo Collage
    Have your couples bring in photos as above and place them on a collage and display on an easel instead of using the tree idea.

    Hearts in a Bottle
    Fill a jar with small heart valentines (the kind with sayings on them). Count as you fill the jar! Pass the jar around as everyone's arriving and let them guess. Record everyone's answer and give a prize to the closest to the correct amount at the end of your event.

  • Key to Your Heart
    Sometimes the key to a man's heart is through their stomachs! This is a couple's game. String (with about 2 feet of string) your choice of either apples (must have sturdy stems to tie string to) donuts, cookies with holes cut in them (easy to do with a straw when baking), large bread pretzils, or you can come up with your own choice. Give the lady the item with string and have the man sitting in a chair blindfolded. The lady must stand behind the chair and dangle the food item in front of him, holding only the ends of the string (over his shoulders) and he must eat the entire thing first to be the winner. If a large group just pick about 4 or 5 couples to participate.

  • Pin the Arrow on the Heart
    Just a version of pin the tail on the donkey. Make a large heart out of red posterboard. Make a small white heart to be the bull's eye. Make construction paper arrows. Blindfold the participants and give a prize to the one that places their arrow the closest to the middle of the heart.

  • Newlywed Game
    An oldie, but goodie. (I think I've seen this played at every couples banquet I've ever been to!!) Pick about 4 or 5 couples to participate and play as the tv version. Take the ladies out of the room and ask the men questions and vica versa. Points for those who answer with the same answer. General questions are the best. Like: "Where was your first date?" "What was the first car you bought together as a couple?" Use your imagination.

  • Romantic Poetry
    Choose 4 or 5 couples to participate (probably not wise to tell them what they'll be doing!) Have a selection from a romantic peice of poetry typed out ahead of time. Each man must take turns reading the selection to their wives. The audience will be the judge to determine the winner. Let them know the more the dramatic the more applause they'll get so tell them to use inflections, motions! Let the audience vote on the winner. Have a certificate done on the computer typed up for "The Most Romantic Man of the Year" with your banquet info such as place and date.

  • Win, Loose, or Draw!
    Play like the tv version. One person draws from a team at a time while the other team guesses what it is. It's probably easiest to use a free standing chalkboard. If you have a small group everyone can play but if not just choose a couple couples for each team.
      Here are some sample suggestions for things to draw:
    • roses
    • chocolate
    • lace
    • kiss
    • valentine's cards
    • restaraunt
    • couple holding hands
    • hearts
    • love
    • music
    • hugs
    • diamond ring
    ~~It's best to use simple things because of time. You don't want all the time used up in trying to guess. Just use a couple hard ones to keep it fun!~~

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt (Pick up a free printable on Julia's Blog)

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