Soap Quiz
Game and Icebreaker
For Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

This is a quick personality quiz.

    Which soap best describes you? (or maybe you are a mixture)

  • Liquid - Ready to go. She always has to be in motion. Is constantly running errands or perhaps ruuning her children around for soccer practice and other things.

  • Foaming - Bubbling. Happy all the time. She laughs a lot and even likes to tell a joke on occassion.

  • Bar - Pretty standard. She's just happy being herself and likes to blend in with the crowd. Doesn't like to make a fuss or have people notice her.

  • Scented - Smells good. She has a great attitude. People like being around her because she's so sweet and pleasant.

  • Powdered - A little flakey. She tends to forget things such as appointments and birthdays. Tends to show up late. Everone loves her anyway.

  • Waterless - A little dry in the humor area. When people make a fuss over something, she just doesn't understand it. She's pretty level headed.

See the SOAP Devotional Starter.

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