Purse and Bag Games and Icebreakers
For Women's Ministry

These are various games relating to purses. See the In the Bag (Purse) Theme for more "Purse" ideas.

Printable Purse Game
What's in Your Purse?  What's in Your Purse?(Artwork by Trina Clark)

Purse Scavenger Hunt
Divide your ladies group into two different teams (or more if you have a large group). Give each team a small basket and a copy of the Scavenger Hunt List. Allow each team one minute to find the items on the list. They must find the items in the purses of the ladies within their group. When time is called. See which team has the most items.

You can make up your own list or use the one provided.
  • Child's Toy (rattle, matchbox car, etc.)
  • Roll of LifeSavers
  • Safety Pin
  • Calendar
  • Brown Comb
  • Grocery Receipt
  • Shopping List
  • Pink Lipstick
  • Ticket Stub (to a theater, etc.)
  • Eyeglass Case
  • Pony Tail Holder/Tie
  • Coupon
  • Starbucks Card
  • Dental Floss

Purse Get Acquainted Game
Go around the room and have each lady say their name, then have them pull out the most important item to them out of their purse and explain what it is and tell why it is important to them to have in their purse or why they would never leave home without it.

Variation: Have each lady say their name, then have them pull out the most unusual item in their purse and explain what it is and why it is in their purse.

In The Bag
Place a number of items in a purse. Pass the purse around and allow for each lady to put their hand inside the purse for a total of 5 or 10 seconds (you decide how long you want them to have). Time is called and the lady must then hand the purse over to the next lady. After each one feels inside the purse they must then write down as many of the items as they can remember feeling inside the purse. The lady that has the most items (that are correct) wins the game.
    Have on Hand:
  • Stop watch or watch with a second hand.
  • Paper.
  • Pens.
  • Bag/Large Purse
    Some Suggested Items:
    You don't need to put in all of them. Just pick how many you want to use or add your own.
  • Sandwich in a zip lock bag (they'll have fun feeling that one)
  • Small bag of potato chips (personal size)
  • Wall Walker (get from a gumball machine--They feel sticker every time they are handled:)
  • Rubber bounce ball (small - like from a gumball machine)
  • Keys
  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • Bandage
  • Rock
  • Quarter or any coin
  • Artificial sweetener packet
  • Dental floss
  • Small hairbrush
  • Small hand mirror
  • Bottle of nail polish

What's In a Ladies Purse?
Use the following list to ask your ladies what is in their purse. You could add/change/ or delete some of the items if you wish. Give a prize for the one with the most items.
  1. Toothpick
  2. Needle and/or Thread
  3. Brush
  4. Ink pen
  5. LifeSavers
  6. Rubber Band
  7. Pair of Glasses
  8. Lipstick
  9. Grocery list
  10. Kleenex
  11. Toy
  12. Safety Pin
  13. Toothbrush
  14. .Nail File
  15. Perfume
  16. Picture of children or grandchildren
  17. Coupon
  18. Postage Stamp
  19. Sales Receipt
  20. Piece of gum


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