Games and Icebreakers

Thanksgiving Women's Ministry Meeting openers and icebreakers. for Women's Ministry Events.

Gobble Gobble Story (Thanksgiving Meeting Opener)

Let everyone know that they will be helping you tell the story of the pilgrims. Tell them they each have to add one line to the story. If they are "talkers" and want to do more than a sentence make sure they say "and". Don't let them continue if they end their sentence. They must say, "Gobble! Gobble!" before they begin and after their sentence. Then you go on to the next person and so on. If you have a small group you can go around the room a few times.

You begin the story by saying something like "Once upon a time many years ago there were people who wanted to come across the ocean because..." and start around the room.

You will be amazed at all the NEW things you will learn about the pilgrims. You might find they wore "purple clothes with pink polka dots" or that they were "all seven feet tall"!!

You can jot down a few interesting tidbits as you go and then ask questions at the end and see if anybody remembers anything from the story. You could also ask some questions about some real facts about the pilgrims and the history of thanksgiving if you want. You can give out turkey shaped lollipops or something for those with correct answers.

Blessing Basket Opener
Have a basket ready with index cards and pens. As everyone arrives, have them write down a major blessing they received over the past year. When the meeting starts, read through them and have a popcorn prayer of blessing. Popcorn prayer; meaning short spontaneous prayers among your group.

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