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Christmas Game/Drawing Container Ideas

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Christmas Charades

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How many Lights or Ornaments?

If you are having a tree, have your guests guess how many lights or ornaments are on the tree. For instance, you could say how many lights, how many plastic icicles, how many angels, how many snowflakes, etc. Whatever you have the most of would be the best to use or you could use the total of all ornaments on your tree. Make sure to count ahead of time. It is easiest when you count as you are decorating.

Festive Attire (Ugly Christmas Sweater) Game

Find details here. (Prntable--on Julia's Blog).

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Sing the 12 days of Christmas. Assign 12 people or draw names to see who is going to participate. Don't tell them what they'll be doing ahead of time, just say you need some volunteers. Everyone begins singing the song, then have the first person sing their part "a partridge in a pear tree". The second person sings, "2 calling birds", and so on through the 12 days. Tell them they have to do the motions too. For some of them, they'll have to be creative but some will be easy. This is a lot of fun.

Share a Memory

Ask everyone or a few people to tell what their favorite Christmas memory is. This could be changed to what was the best gift you ever received? What is your favorite thing your mom or grandma baked or cooked during the holidays?

Christmas Musical Chairs

Play just as you would normally, using Christmas carols for music. Have some small gifts wrapped up for the winner. If you have a large group, just have about 6-8 chairs out and have volunteers come up to participate.

Gift Exchange Game

Use a left right story to exchange gifts. Every time the word "right" is mentioned in the story, everyone passes his or her gift to the right. When the word "left" is mentioned everyone passes his or her gift to the left. At the end, you keep the gift you have when the story is over. A Christmas version is listed below but there are several versions to these stories online. Just search "left right (Wright) game" in your favorite search engine.

  • Nativity Left/Right Game (Diva Girl)

  • Left - Right Games  Gift Exchange Games---These are ones I've collected over time. I don't have the origins of them. I put them in one file for my own benefit and thought I'd share with you. I did rewrite and change up the first one into a Ladies Meeting Game to recruit volunteers. It had been a home business recruit game...Julia

    The Pass the Gift Game #4 in the pdf is for groups of 50 of less. When you have less you just stop at the number of people/gifts you have. I think it ends abruptly without the ending part of #50 so here's a little verse I made up to read after the last gift is picked up. You put your total number of gifts in the blank. I thought there should be a number in the verse since all the others had numbers.

    Well, it looks like our game is done.
    ______ (your total) gifts disappeared one by one.
    I want to say that I hope you're pleased
    to take home the gift that you received.

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