Soup and Salad Supper
For Women's Ministry

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Soup and Salad Supper Ideas

A Soup Supper can be a great event for your ladies ministry but it's also a great meal to have church-wide. It's easy and since soup is a comfort food, it makes us feel good too! A great time to hold one is during the fall or winter.

    Soup Theme Titles
  • Soup and Friends
  • Soup for the Soul
  • Soup's On!
  • Reaching for a Soup-er Year! (Kick Off Planning Meeting)
  • Seeing Soup-er Stars! (Volunteer Appreciation Dinner)

    Just for Fun:
  • Collect Cambells soup labels and have them brought in to your soup event to give to a local school.

    Helps and Tips:
  • You can make a Soup and Salad Supper as elegant or as laid back as you want. Since it is a comfort food, a homey atmosphere might be nice.

  • Gingham tablecloths are a good choice is you want it casual.

  • Use a soup tureen to make a large floral centerpiece in.

  • Make sure you have enough ladles to serve the soup.

  • Soup bowls with votive candles in each spaced out on your tables can be nice centerpieces.

  • Don't forget the extras. Have lots of bread and crackers on hand. Use a variety of each. Bread sticks, rolls, sliced breads and oyster crackers, saltines, town house crackers and all types.

  • Keep dessert simple. A cobbler or pie would be a good choice.

  • You may want to assign or have your church families each sign up for a type of soup or salad that you want on your menu.

  • Make labels on tent cards ahead of time for each soup type.

  • Have your families contribute soup recipes ahead of time and type up a recipe booklet of soup recipes to give each family or give out blank recipe cards ahead of time and have everyone bring in their favorite soup recipe to exchange.

    Online Soup and Salad Resources:
  • Hosting a Soup Tasting Party (The World in my Kitchen)
  • Soup Recipes (Food Network)
  • Homemade Soups (Country Living)
  • Heathly Soups (Cooking Light)
  • Soup Recipes (Taste of Home)

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