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  • Secret Grannies Idea
    From our old CLM Message Board--
    Post fromstampingirl22
    We should probably call it secret granddaughters - but each one of us draws a "Granny" for the coming year in January. Grannies are our widowed senior ladies - each month we provide them with a small gift and/or cards of encouragment. Its a treat listening to them try to figure out who their granddaughter is - and they're sly - they compare handwritings, etc. - on a Sunday when they receive a gift, they check out who is in church that day - trying to get another clue.

    We used to do a reveal at a Christmas brunch, but with the holidays, we moved it to the first Saturday of the new year and plan to keep it that way.

    During February, we decorate valentine boxes and the congregation fills them with valentine cards -

    May - this year we had a stick-horse derby & picnic - toddlers in the church decorated stick horses and the grannies enjoyed fried chicken and a picnic with the kids

    Oct. - they are treated to dinner out - but this year, we have a trip planned to a Quilt Show nearby along with dinner

    Dec. - deliver fruit baskets while caroling.

    They love it and we do too!!!

  • Secret Mug Sisters Idea
    From our old CLM Message Board--
    From Borntoserve
    Each sister gets a "all about me" form from (creative ladies ministry) to take home and fill out, this form includes prayer request the sister would like her mug sister to pray over. Once the form is filled out the sister can use a pretty coffee cup or mug that she no longer wants (in good condition)from home or purchase one. Fold and put the form inside the cup if there is room in the cup you could put wrapped candy inside or a cute angel magnet, a bible verse etc..(optional). Wrap the mug in pretty gift wrap and place in a bag that you can't see thru.

    At the meeting we placed our bags on a table in a different room and I took grocery bags to cover each bag that was brought to camoflage it even more! Each sister took a turn to go in the room to grab a bag and they had to quickly look inside just to make sure they didn't grab the bag they had brought to the meeting, then they went home to check it out and find out who, there secret mug sister is, and they read the form and see her prayer request so every time they use there mug they are reminded to think of there mug sister and pray for her. We are required to give one encouraging card a month, but we can give more! Gifts are optional.

    I told the sisters to focus more on card giving that it is a gift in itself, I know when I am having a sad day an encouraging card brightens my day, you can include bible verses in your cards, be sure to disguise your writing! I told the ladies don't expect a gift or feel obligated to give a gift, that way it is optional and if you give a gift you can't get upset because you didn't get one from your mug sister, the economy is bad right now for many sister's.

    We get a new mug sister every 6 months and at our reveal party we get to guess who we think our mug sister is and why.

    From Peace
    I did this at the beginning of the year for our ladies ministry... the theme was "come and get mugged"... each lady filled out a card w/ prayer request.. and you prayed for your lady for the month.... But some eye brows were raised when pastor kept announcing the meeting for the month... come and get mugged... then we had soups and hot cocoa and coffee in mugs as well.... lots of fun

  • Prayer Sisters Idea
    From our old CLM Message Board--
    From sarbed
    At our church we have been doing prayer partners. This will be the third year. First year we did the coffee cups, everyone brought a cup and we randomly picked one, then we pray for the person who brought the cup for the year. Last year we did the same with refridgerator magnets. We need an idea for this year. Something inexpensive that you will see or use each day that will remind you to pray for that person. Any ideas? (There are several older women that do not have computers.)

    From Borntoserve
    This may seem too personal but a wallet size picture of that person that you could put on your fridge, mirror, in the bible. The book mark is a great idea as well.

    From regina
    At our last women's get together we paired off in partners and made each other a braclet. Everytime you wear your bracelet it will remind you to pray for that person. Most of our ladies never take their bracelet off. It is a constant reminder to pray. We had a pearl theme so we made pearl bracelets. This was a big hit with the ladies.
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