Secret Sister Small Gift Idea
Candy Bar Letter

Julia Bettencourt

This is a project that I did one time for one of my secret sisters. I took a large size poster board and folded it in half to look like a top folding card. On the front outside I addressed it to look like an envelope, putting a sticker in the corner and drawing around it to look like a stamp. Then I addressed it to my Secret Secret Sister Lane...our city.

It was close to our reveal when I sent this to my Secret Sister. Using markers, on the inside of the poster board card, I wrote a letter to my Secret Sister using candy bars in place of words.

Dear _________________,

(Look)! It's almost (Pay Day) and soon my secret identity will be revealed. It is a real (Rice Krispies Treat) being your secret sister. I don't mean to fall to (Reeses Pieces) but I (Care More--Caremello) about you than just a little (Bit of Honey).

I'm praying your week will be full of (Smores)(AlmondJoy) than a (Symphony) and that you won't have any (Rocky Road) meet your path.

Trusting you'll (Take 5) to enjoy the day.

Your, (Whatchamacallit),
Oops, I mean Your Secret Sister

Make sure you space it all out before you write it out with marker. I just used Scotch tape to attach the candy bars. Also for some of the ones that I wanted to be clear on, I wrote the word above the candy bar that I wanted them to read, such as Treat above Rice Krispies Treat, etc.

Bye the way, it was the largest card on the Secret Sister table that day!

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