Ladies Church Group Activities/Special Meetings
Julia Bettencourt

All Christian ladies needs a fun night out or a day away with some other Christian ladies just to have a good relaxing time of fellowship. Here are some suggestions to use with your local church ladies group.

  1. Shopping Trip

  2. Healthy Women Emphasis Meeting
    • Have a nurse/doctor come in for a speech on women's health.
    • Serve healthy food.
    • Do an exercise video workout together.
    • October is a good month to plan something like this becauset it is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness month.
    • See the Heart Smart Theme for more ideas.

  3. Slumber/Pajama Party
    • Have at the church or someone's home.
    • Have a make-up demo. If you have someone that sells Mary Kay Avon, enlist her help.
    • Do each other's manicures/pedicures.
    • Tell funny or even spooky stories.
    • Share testimonies.
    • Share childhood slumber party memories.
    • Watch a movie.
    • Make popcorn.
    • See the Spa Theme for more ideas.

  4. Movie Night
    • Show a great movie.
    • Don't forget the popcorn (the movie theater buttery type and some lite for those who won’t indulge)
    • Have snacks you might get at a movie theater such as goobers, peanuts, soft pretzels.
    • Tell funny or even spooky stories.
    • Share testimonies.
    • Share childhood slumber party memories.
    • Watch a movie.

  5. Banana Split Night
    • Have your ladies each bring in different toppings such as nuts, cherries, marshmallows, crushed Oreos, bananas, flavored sauces, etc.

  6. Soup and Sandwich Supper

  7. Visit a Local Historical Home or Museum

  8. Exercise Emphasis Meeting
    • Use a fitness video together to workout
    • Walk a local walking track or route together as a group (a great way to enjoy chatting together)
    • Meet up afterwards for devotional and light refreshments.

  9. Crafting Night

  10. Talent Show
    • Have several categories so more of your ladies will participate such as poetry reading, singing, instrumental, demonstrations, stand up comedy, etc.
    • Give prizes for things such as "best performance", "silliest", "most creative", "funniest", etc.

  11. Fiesta Night
    • Decorate festive Mexican style
    • Serve Mexican food
    • If you have a missionary to Mexico or a Spanish speaking country, share their latest prayer letter.
    • Break a piñata. Instead of just wrapped candy, place in some feminine items such as emory boards, small tissue packages, etc.
    • See the Living The Grande Life!Theme for more ideas.
    • Life's Pinata Devotional by Julia

  12. Cookie Exchange

  13. Ladies Tea

  14. Self-Defense Emphasis
    • Enlist someone who teaches self-defense to speak to your ladies group.
    • Check with your local police department. They may have a female officer who could come and give tips on self-protection for women.

  15. Ladies Retreat/Conference or Banquet
    • Plenty of Theme Ideas on the website.
    • Can be a large event or small scaled.

  16. Fall Foliage Trip

  17. Progressive Dinner
    • Great during the holidays but can be planned for anytime.

  18. Chocolate Night
    • Involve everything around chocolate.
    • Have a small chocolate fountain if possible, chocolate fondue pots, and all kinds of goodies. Bring a few things for those who can’t indulge because of health or weight issues.
    • Devotional ideas could include “Richness With Christ”, “The Sweetness of the Lord”, or “Fellowship Is Sweet Between Sisters”.
    • See the Chocolate and Friends Theme.
    • Recipe For Friendship Devotional by Julia

  19. Coffee and Praise Night

  20. Ice Cream Social

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