Ladies Retreat Goodie Bags
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Julia Bettencourt

Many of you use goodie bags to give out to the ladies that attend your retreats and events. It's a great thing to hold any printed materials the ladies will need for Bible studies, schedules, etc. Plus it makes a great remembrance for them.

I know that all the little things I've found inside some goodie bags from conferences and retreats just made me smile:)

Click Here for a list of Goodie Bag Item Suggestions.

    How to Obtain Your "Goodies"
  • Check with the ladies and families within your church. Do you have an Avon lady? Someone that sells cosmetics? Someone that works at a local bank, etc. that would have samples, or novelties such as magnets, key chains, or something to add?
  • Check with local restaurants for courtesy cards such as for free fries, etc.
  • Check with your local Christian bookstore. Sometimes they will donate novelty items.
  • If you are having ladies from out of town make sure you work with your local city visitor bureau (may be through your Chamber of Commerce). They may have maps for you, hotel accommodation discounts, etc.
  • Make sure you go through proper channels. Only speak with management< or owners.
  • Remember, always look and act professional when approaching anyone or business concerning your event. Some business' ask for a written request on your church letterhead.
  • Dollar stores are great places to find those unexpected "goodies".

    Online Sources For Goodie Bags:
    Oriental Trading (Search "bags")
    Paper Mart (Some are sold by the case, others individually)

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