Gift Basket Ideas
Julia Bettencourt

Gift baskets are not just good ideas for Christmas but also for any other occasion as well. Make sure you don't get bogged down with having to use a "basket". Look around---buckets, large watering cans, large pottery bowels, plastic storage containers, wash tubs, etc. all make perfect "baskets".

Use lots of tissue paper, excelsior, or shredded paper filler in the bottom so everything doesn't sink. There's so many ribbons and things on the market today that you can use to embellish your basket. Try tying ribbon or raffia around individuals pieces in the basket. You can wrap your baskets up with cellophane or not depending on what type of look you are striving for.

Here's one I did with a Laughter Theme for something I needed for a retreat.

Laughter Basket
Laughter Basket
See a larger view of the items here
  • Music
    Find music stationary, blank music composition paper, cd's, tapes, music books. You might even find some tissue paper with music notes on it. If for Christmas you can probably find music ornaments such as violins and trumpets.
  • Bath
    Rolled up towels, bath salts, bath oils, bath goodies, such as brushes, sponges, etc. This one's good for someone who needs a little pampering!
  • Angels
    Know someone who collects angels? You can find anything from dishtowels to jewelry with angels on it. Notepads and stationary with angels, lapel pins, handcrafted angels, etc.
  • Candles and Scents
    This is the kind of gift I'd love receiving myself as I love candles!! Find candles of all shapes, sizes, scents. Put in a few different type candle holders or the candle plates for the large candles. Some dried potpourri and a bottle potpourri gel or liquid. A small
    potpourri burner might even be nice to add.
  • Gardening
    Garden gloves. Seed packets. Small garden tools. Garden books and magazines. bulbs, small plant or bunch of flowers.
  • Kitchen
    Dishtowels, oven mitt and potholders, wooden spoons, whisks, measuring spoons, measuring cups, egg timer, recipe cards, etc. You can find resources for recipe cards to print here.
  • Homemade Goodies
    Homemade goodies such as breads, pound cakes, cookies, trail mixes, etc. Wrap each up individually in cellophane wrap. Use small tins for trail mixes or small loose items.
  • Gifts in Jar Mixes
    Two or three gifts in a jar all tied up with ribbons. You could put in a few kitchen things to go along with it such as dishtowels, etc. If you were giving a hot chocolate or spiced tea mix you could put in coffee mugs. Marshmallows for hot chocolate too. You'll find many places for jar recipes online. Just search your favorite search engine.
  • Happy Basket
    See my blog post here for photo and ideas.
  • Popcorn & Movie
    Use several kinds of popcorn. Put in a few specialty flavors. Put in one or two videos of great movies. If you put in some "chick" movies, make sure to add a box of tissues!!:) A great "basket" is a large popcorn bowl. You could even include a recipe for popcorn balls done up on a nice recipe card.
  • Birdhouses
    Know someone who loves birdhouses? Get them taking care of the real birds with a small birdhouse or feeder. A book on bird care. Don't forget the bag of birdseed. You can probably find a few cute "bird" themed stationary items to add for fun.
  • Fishing
    Got a fisherman you need a gift for? Gather up all kinds of do dads in the fishing department. Several different lures, hooks, worms, etc. Get one of those small divided plastic containers to add. Just go down the fishing department aisle and you'll get lots of ideas. A nice fishing magazine would be good to add.
  • Sewing
    If you have someone who sews a lot find some sewing items. A great "basket" for this is a sewing box. Put in thread, spools, straight pins, fabric tracing paper, etc. Don't forget o put in a gift certificate for
    their favorite fabric store.
  • Craft
    Fill with all types of craft supplies. You could even include a gift
    certificate to a craft store such as Michaels or Ben Franklin.
  • Candy
    Fill with all kinds of yummy candy. Make your own homemade candies or use store bought such as Hershey's bars, Hershey's kisses,jelly beans, licorice. Put in some of those specialty chocolate lollipops in different shapes. You can get those in bear shapes, etc.
  • Fun Basket
    Fill with lots of fun! Joke books, puzzle books, Uno card game, jigsaw puzzle. Be sure to put in a fun comedy video. Sprinkle in lots of fun candy such as Jelly Belly's, sour balls, milk duds, etc.!
  • Tea
    Buy several different flavored specialty teas. A couple tea cups. Even a small teapot to add in. Make sure you fill up the teacups with some chocolates. Add a few lemons to the basket.
  • Coffee
    Buy a couple coffee mugs and fill them with chocolates! Add in some creamer (you can even take it out of that ugly jar and put in a cutesy one and add a ribbon.) Some sweetener packets and a bag of sugar cubes. Buy some specialty ground coffees. Add in a few home baked cookies to finish it off.

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