Candy Sayings & Puns
For Valentine's and Sweethearts

Julia Bettencourt

The sayings on this page are geared for Valentines and Sweethearts to go along with the appropriate candy.

Many of these can be adapted for general friendship or teacher gifts as well.

Candy Sayings for Valentine's Day

You can download the entire list.
Lesson Handout   Candy Valentine's Sayings.

  • 100 Grand Bar
    • Life is rewarding with you around.
    • Please give me my reward - Be my Valentine.
    • Price of a candy bar...about 75 cents---Your love...priceless.
    • You are grand, Valentine.
    • One look from you is worth more than 100 Grand.

  • 3 Musketeers
    • I'm all for one and that one is you.

  • 5th Avenue
    • From here to 5th Avenue, there's no Valentine like you.

  • Airheads
    • I'm an airhead without you.

  • Almond Joy
    • You make me burst with joy.
    • It's a joy being your Valentine. (or husband, wife, girlfriend)

  • Almond Joy and Mounds
    • Sometimes you make me feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

  • Bit O' Honey
    • You are sweeter than honey, Valentine.
    • Be my honey, Valentine.

  • Bottle Caps
    • Can't keep it bottled up anymore - I want you for a Valentine.

  • Breath Mints (any kind)
    • You take my breath way.

  • Butterfinger
    • Butter be my Valentine. I can't let you slip through my fingers.

  • Candy Buttons
    • You are as cute as a button, Valentine.

  • Candy Coins
    • You are a treasure.
    • I treasure your love.

  • Carefree Gum
    • You take away my cares, Valentine.
    • I care about you, Valentine.

  • Caremellow Bar
    • I "care" more about you than ever, Valentine.
    • My cares mellow when I'm with you.

  • Charm Pops
    • Your charm mesmerizes me.
    • You are my lucky charm.
    • You "pop" my heart with your "charm"ing smile.

  • Chiclets
    • You are my favorite chick.
    • Let me be your favorite chick.

  • Doublemint Gum
    • You double my fun, Valentine.

  • Dove Candy
    • You make my life peaceful, Valentine.

  • Dum Dum Lollipops
    • I'm no "dum dum" - I want you for my Valentine.

  • Extra Gum
    • You are extra sweet.
    • You are extra special.

  • Fireballs (any hot candy)
    • You set my heart on fire.
    • You are red hot, Valentine.

  • Fun Dip
    • You put the "fun" in my life.
    • I'll go with you though the "fun" and "dips" of life.

  • Gobstoppers
    • You stopped my heart.
    • I'm "gobs" of sweet on you.

  • Goobers
    • I'm a goober without you.
    • Only a goober wouldn't want you for a Valentine.

  • Good and Plenty
    • I like you good and plenty - Be my Valentine.

  • Gum (any type)
    • I "chews" you for my Valentine.

  • Gum (bubble)
    • Don't burst my bubble - Be my Valentine.
    • You blow me away.

  • Gum (bubble tape)
    • I'm stuck on you Valentine.

  • Gummi Bears
    • You are so beary special.
    • I love you beary much.
    • Life would be un"bear"able without you.

  • Heath
    • I "heath" to tell you how much I love you.

  • Hershey's
    • "Her"e "she" comes---my Valentine.

  • Hershey's Bliss
    • Ah! Life with you is bliss.
    • Being married to you is bliss.

  • Hershey's Kiss
    • A kiss for my Valentine.

  • Jelly Belly
    • You turn my belly into jelly.

  • Ice Breakers
    • You broke the ice on my heart, Valentine.

  • Jolly Rancher
    • You make me jolly, Valentine.
    • Life's jolly with you by my side.

  • Kit Kat
    • "Gimme" a break and be my Valentine.

  • Krackel
    • It would "krack" me up to be your Valentine.

  • Laffy-Taffy
    • You make me laugh, Valentine.

  • Lemon Heads (or any lemon candy)
    • Pucker up and be my Valentine.

  • Lifesavers
    • Valentine, You are a lifesaver.
    • Save me! I'm in trouble without you!
    • Help! I'm drowning without your love.

  • Lollipop
    • I'm a sucker for you, Valentine.

  • M&M's
    • Let's "M"eet and "M"ingle, Valentine.

  • Mars
    • You send me to another planet, Valentine.

  • Milk Duds
    • I'm a dud without you, Valentine.

  • Milky Way Bar
    • You send me out of this world.
    • There is space in my heart for you.
    • I love you to the moon and back.
    • You outshine the stars.
    • You are a star in my galaxy.

  • Mints (any type)
    • You are worth a mint, Valentine.
    • We were "mint" to be together.
    • I meant to tell you I loved you.
    • We're meant to be.

  • Mounds
    • You are mounds of fun.
    • I'm sending you mounds of love.

  • Mr. Goodbar
    • I'll be good if you'll be my Valentine.

  • Nerds
    • Only a nerd wouldn't want you for a Valentine.

  • Nestle Crunch
    • I couldn't live without you, even in a crunch.

  • Now and Later
    • Be my Valentine "now" and "later".

  • Nutrageous Bar (any candy with nuts)
    • I'm nuts over you.
    • I love the nutty things you do.

  • Orange Slices
    • No matter how you slice it, I love you Valentine.

  • Orbit Gum
    • You take me out of this world.
    • You are out of this world.

  • Pixie Sticks
    • Let's stick together.
    • You put a love spell on me with your pixie dust.

  • Pop Rocks
    • You rock my world.
    • You rock!
    • Popping in to say I love you.
    • You're my rock when the world pops around me.

  • Reeses
    • We go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

  • Reeses Pieces
    • I love you to pieces.
    • You are my missing piece.
    • I fall to pieces without you.
    • I fall to pieces over you.
    • You stole a piece of my heart.

  • Ring Pop
    • I'm popping the question---Will you be my Valentine?

  • Riesen
    • You are the "riesen" I got up today.
    • There are so many "riesens" I love you.

  • Rocky Road
    • You make life's road so much easier.
    • In this rocky world - you balance me.
    • "God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you."

  • Rolos or Tootsie Rolls.
    • I love the way you roll.
    • Let's roll Valentine.
    • Roll in to be my Valentine.

  • Skittles
    • Skittle on over and be my Valentine.
    • You are my rainbow.

  • Snickers
    • You make me laugh.
    • I'm hungry for your love.
    • You satisfy me, Valentine.

  • Sour Patch
    • You make my life less sour.
    • I'm in a sour mood without you.

  • Starburst
    • You send me to the stars.
    • You make my heart burst.
    • You are my star, Valentine.
    • I have stars in my eyes and my heart is bursting for you, Valentine.

  • Swedish Fish
    • You have o"fish"ally stolen my heart, Valentine.
    • You are a great catch, Valentine.
    • You are my kind of catch.
    • I'm hooked on you.

  • Sweet Tarts
    • Sweet or tart, I'll always love you.
    • Let me call you sweetheart---I'm in love with you.
    • Be my Sweet Tart, Valentine.
    • I'm sweet on you.

  • Symphony Bar
    • Life is a symphony with you.
    • You make my life a symphony.

  • Twix Bar
    • Be-twix you and me - I want to be your Valentine.
    • I'm not playing any "twix". Be mine Valentine.

  • Twizzlers
    • You add "twizzle" to my life.
    • You make me "twizzle" with happiness.
    • You make my heart "twizzle".

  • Werthers
    • I'm not "werth"y to be your Valentine.
    • I'd love to know "werther" you will be my Valentine.

  • Whoppers
    • I have a whopper of an idea---Be my Valentine.
    • I'm not telling any whoppers---I want you for my Valentine.

  • York Peppermint Patty
    • You are my sensation, Valentine.

  • Zagnut
    • You put the zag in my zip.
    • You make me zig and zag like a nut.

  • Zero Bar
    • Life is zero fun with you.
    • Let's zero in on each other, Valentine.

  • Zours
    • I'm in a "zour" mood without you.
    • You make my life less "zour".
    • I've "zoured" the world for someone like you.

    You can download the entire list.
    Lesson Handout   Candy Valentine's Sayings.

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