Candy Sayings For Women's Ministry
For Volunteer Thank You & Encouragement

Julia Bettencourt

Candy Sayings

The sayings on this page can be used for small tokens of appreciation to your volunteers and staff.

Tie them up with ribbon and a nice hang tag or card with the saying or verse. Small candies can just be glued with a dot of hot glue to the corner of the tag or card. Candies without wrappers (such as gummy bears) can be tied up in cellophane bags.

  • Mounds of Thanks for all you Dew
    Mounds Bar with Mountain Dew
    Printable Round Tag  Printable Round Tag, Printable Square Tag!  Printable Square Tag
    See photo on Julia's Blog
  • You've worked "EXTRA" hard. You deserve dessert.
    Extra Dessert Delights Gum
    Printable Tag!  You Desserve Dessert Tag
    See photo on Julia's Blog
  • Thanks for being an "EXTRAordinary" volunteer.
    Extra gum
    Printable Tag!  Extra Volunteer Tag
    See photo on Julia's Blog
  • Thanks for going the "extra" mile.
    Extra gum
    Printable Tag!  Extra Mile Tag
    See photo on Julia's Blog
  • I've "Zoured" the earth looking for a volunteer like you. Thanks for your help!
  • You're right on the "Dot" every time. Thanks for being a volunteer!
  • I know you won't "gum" up the works. Thanks for volunteering!
    Chewing Gum
  • It gives me nothing but "joy" to have you as a volunteer!
    Almond Joy
  • Thanks for your "jolly" attitude.
    Jolly Rancher
  • I can always count on you in a "crunch"
    Nestle Crunch
  • Thanks for "bean" such an encouragement.
    Jelly Beans
  • Thanks for the "roll" you play in our Women’s Ministry. You are appreciated.
    Tootsie Roll
  • Great Luxury................$100,000--------Your Help.....................Priceless
    $100,000 Grand Bar
  • Thanks for “saving my life”! You really helped out.
  • Thanks for "popping" up and helping. You are appreciated!
    Pop Rocks
  • Thanks for your commit "mint" to our Women’s Ministry team.
  • You are "Worthy" of some recognition. Thanks for volunteering!
  • I'm bursting for "joy"! Thanks for all of your help.
    Starburst or Almond Joy
  • "Popping" in to say thank you for your hard work.
    Ring Pop or Pop Rocks
  • You've been "Mounds" of help. Thank you!
  • You are so helpful in a "crunch". Thanks for pitching in!
    Nestles Crunch
  • I can't let this opportunity "roll" by without saying thank you.
    Tootsie Roll
  • Thanks for not "twizzling out". You are a great Volunteer!
  • You are a great volunteer. “Bar None”. Fantastic job!
    Bar None
  • If it weren’t for you, we’d all “Krackle”!. Thanks for your help.
  • We’d tell you how much you helped us out “But our fingers” won’t count that high. Thanks!
  • We can’t “Mask-our-tears” of joy! You are a great volunteer. Thank you!
  • I know it was a “rocky road” but you traveled it well. Thanks for all of your help.
    Rocky Road
  • We know you won’t Rolo-ver on the job! Thanks for volunteering.
  • You Are Amazing! Thank You! or Our God is Amazing!
    m-Azing Candy Bar
  • Thanks for being a Life Saver!
  • Nobody's Snickering about the job you did. Thanks for helping!
    Snicker's Candy Bar
  • You are worth a mint! Thank you!
    York Peppermint Candy
  • A sweet token of appreciation. Thank you!
    (Any type of Candy Bar)
  • You deserve a reward!
    100,000 $ Candy Bar
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