Candy Ideas For Women's Ministry
For Promotion of Events

Julia Bettencourt

The sayings on this page can be used for small invitations for promotion of your Women’s Ministry events. I have made up a few of the sayings myself and also have just redone some of the old hat ones that have been around awhile and that I've seen over the years and put my own spin for Women's Ministry on them.

Women’s Ministry or Women’s Ministry Activity is listed on most of the them, but you can change them to what suits your needs such as Bible Study, Monthly Meeting, A Special Event, etc. Have fun and enjoy!

Tie them up with ribbon and a nice hang tag or card with the saying or verse. Small candies can just be glued with a dot of hot glue to the corner of the tag or card. Candies without wrappers (such as gummy bears) can be tied up in cellophane bags.

  • Add some “twizzle” to your life--Attend our next Women's Ministry Activity!
  • Twizzle with excitement! See you at our next Women's Meeting.
  • We're having Mugs and Muffins at our next Women's Meeting. See you there. M & M's
  • Put some zip and "zag" into your life. See you at our next Women's Ministry Activity!
  • “Smarties” know where the fun is. Be at our next Ladies Activity.
  • Zero attendance at our Women's Ministry events="Zero" fun.
    Zero Bar
  • "Roll" into our next Women’s Ministry Activity! See you there.
    Tootsie Roll
  • Get "hooked" on our Women’s Ministry Activities.
    Goldfish. (Not candy but they are now sold in individual snack packs)
  • Stop, drop, and "roll" in to our next Women’s Ministry Activity!
    Tootsie Roll
  • “Fire up” for some fun! See you at our next Women’s Ministry Activity.
  • Have "smore" fun than a barrel full of monkeys! Attend our next Women’s Ministry Activity.
    Smores Bar
  • “Be-twix” you and me---Our Women’s Ministry is sweet!
    Twix Bar
  • Don't get caught “be-twix” a rock and hard place alone. Come to our next Women’s Ministry Activity for encouragement!
    Twix Bar
  • From here to “5th Avenue”, there's nothing better than a night at one our Women’s Ministry Activities!
    5th Avenue Bar
  • You'll like our next WM activity "Good & Plenty". See you there!
    Good & Plenty
  • Don't let this opportunity "slip through your fingers"!. Be at our next Women’s Ministry activity.
  • There's "smore" opportunities to serve in our Women’s Ministry. See you at our planning meeting!
    Smores Bar
  • Don't “stunt your growth”. Be at our next Women's Bible Study!
  • "Skittle" on into our next Ladies Meeting!
  • "Tic Tac", Time is slipping away. Our next Women’s Activity is coming up fast. See you there!
    Tic Tacs
  • "Heath" you seen what's going on in our Women’s Ministry? See you at our next activity.
    Heath Bar
  • Don't be in a "Zour" mood. Join us for some encouragement at our next Women’s Ministry Activity!
  • Our Monthly Ladies Meeting---Where all the "Chicklets" go to have fun! See you there.
  • "Dip" Into some fun at our next WM activity.
    Fun Dips
  • Have you "bean jellin?" See you at our next Monthly Ladies Meeting.
    Jelly Beans
  • You won't be "stopped" from having "gobs" of fun at our next Women’s Ministry Activity.
  • Lasso up your friends and come to our next Women’s Activity. See you there!
    Nerds Rope
  • Rol-on in to our next Women’s Ministry Activity. See you there!
  • Come to our Monthly Ladies Meeting for a Nutrageous time!
    Nutrageous Candy Bar
  • Be a Sweet Tart, Volunteer!
    Sweet Tart Candy
  • Chew on the Word of God! Attend the Ladies Bible Study.
    Chewing Gum
  • Don't be an Airhead. Attend our next Ladies Meeting!
    Airhead Candy
  • Attend the Ladies Bible Study Now! Not Later!
    Now and Later Candy
  • Don't be a Dud! Attend the Monthly Ladies Meeting!
    Milk Dud
  • Attend the best Sunday School Class in the Milky Way! --Your Sunday School Class Name--
    Milky Way Candy Bar
  • Don't fall to Pieces! Join us for Ladies Bible Study.
    Reeces Pieces Candy
  • Be a Smartie. Attend the Ladies Retreat!
    Smartie Candy
  • Don't be a Nerd! Attend the Ladies Retreatl!
    Nerds Candy
  • The Ladies Class is on fire! Don't miss out.
    Hot Tamales
  • Attend the Ladies Bible Study. It will be a real Lifesaver!
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