Church Bridal Shower Planning Ideas
Julia Bettencourt

Many WM leaders end up planning or helping to plan bridal showers for those within your congregation. These are just some simple things to remember for a simple shower held by your church and a few helpful hints for you.

  • Date.
    Choose a date that's convenient for your bride to be. Some churches have "family fellowships" for their showers, so make sure it is convenient for the groom to be as well if needed.

  • Fun Photo Display.
    Get some snapshots of the bride and groom from a young age ahead of time and put them together in an attractive display. Make sure you copy them. Don't use the originals for your display. You could use poster board for your display but most stationary/office supply stores carry heavy cardboard displays (the kind used for science projects). Cover with material or even bridal wrapping paper. Use a spray adhesive to attach the material or wrapping paper. If you know someone that scrapbooks, have them put together the display. There are a lot of pre-cut scrapbooking frames and materials that could be used to put together a great display. Make it nice so the bride can keep it as a memory. Place it where everyone can get around and look at it at the shower. This is a great ice-breaker to get everyone talking before the shower gets started.

  • Games.
    Use a few ice-breakers or games. Remember to take stock of who you think will attend and what type of group you'll have on your hands before you choose your games. Go to the Ice-breakers Page for some ideas or there are some shower links listed below.

  • Treat the Bride to Be special.  Pin a corsage or ribbon on her or even have her wear a tiara for the shower.

  • Decorate.
    You don't have to go all out and hang crepe paper, etc. but do a few things to show it's a special time. An arrangement of fresh flowers and candles, etc. Even if it is a shower held in your church as a fellowship after a service, decorate and plan just like you would for anything else. After all it's a special memory for your bride to be.

  • Color Scheme.
    You could use the wedding "colors" but most people nowadays just go with whatever they have that matches the party ware or the disposable paper plates and cups that they choose from the party store for bridal showers. Check with your bride to see what she prefers.

  • Gift List.
    Don't forget to have someone there to write down the gifts and who they are from on a list for your bride. She may already have someone picked out for the job, but be ready to make sure it's covered.

  • Let Your Bride To Be Relax.
    Don't pack your shower so full that the bride to be can't enjoy herself. Her last days before her wedding are going to be hectic for her anyway. This is one of the last times for her to get together with her friends before married life sets in and she gets busy. Things don't stay the same. She may not even see some of these people at her shower for a long time so let her have some time to fellowship with her friends.

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