Prayer Text Frames

Prayer Graphics: These are frames for online use that you may add text to. Add text to share special prayer requests or your Prayer Group details. You can add text in any type of paint program.

Go to to find an easy place to add text. Choose "edit". Upload your image. Click on the "Tt" and "Add text". Play around with fonts, text sizes, and text colors. When you are satisfied with your result "save" to your computer and upload for whatever online use you want to use your finished image for.

Tip: Add separate text boxes for each line. That way you can space them out and move the text around until you get the look you are aiming for.
    What can you use these graphics for?
  • Facebook Pages
  • Your Blog or Website
  • E-Newsletters
  • Emails
Please Note: These images are not intended for printing. They are made especially for web viewing and not with as high a resolution as needed for quality printable graphics.

Terms of Use: You may add text or alter images for online use. You may not profit from these graphics in any way. Do not offer the original images for download or offer them in any cd or graphic collection.
No need to link back or make any type of copyright statement.

To save these images, click right on the image and "save as" to your computer.

Prayer Request Frame
Prayer Request 1
Font Used: Black Jack
Font Color: #932919
Prayer Request Frame
Prayer Request 2
Font Used: De Walpergen Pica
Font Color: #71412B
Ladies Prayer Group Frame
Ladies Prayer Group Frame
Font Used: RNS Camelia
Font Color: #FFFFFF
Ladies Prayer Group Frame
Ladies Prayer Group Frame
Font Used: Didact Gothic
Font Color: #C4B481
Ladies Prayer Group Frame
Ladies Prayer Group
Font Used: Amatic Small Caps
Font Color: #FF9744

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