Staying on Track Devotional

On the Right Track!

Julia Bettencourt

Posted March 02, 2011

Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.  Psalm 25:4

I have always loved that verse in Psalm 25.  It has been one of my favorites over the years.  Frankly, I so need the Lord to help direct my paths and shew me the way in my life.

When we are following those "paths" that it talks about and seeking the Lord to guide us, we tend to be more joyful Christians.  On the other hand, relying on the Lord to "teach" us His paths is what I think we all have trouble with though.

I look at it as kind of like following train tracks.  The Conductor knows what's up ahead but we may not and as humans that great unknown scares us.  At least it scares me.

Of course if we get off and start taking making our own path, we get derailed and lose our way and focus in our Christian lives.  We need to rely on the Lord daily in order to be where we need to be.

When I was little, I think in Kindergarten, our class went on a field trip to ride a train.  I was raised near Marion, Ohio and there are so many train tracks in that town that I guess a field trip to ride a train was a fitting thing to do.

I remember it being so exciting, although in reality I think they only took us about 10 or 15 feet for our ride.  It was still fun.

I was thinking about that verse in Psalm 25:4, trains, and that field trip awhile back and my mind went wandering to all things related to trains.   The Christian life is about getting on the train, allowing the Conductor to take control, and not getting derailed.

Know God Can.

Remember the story about The Little Engine That Could?  When trying to go uphill, he kept saying, "I think I can!", "I think I can!".

That's all well and good but as Christians, we can say, "I know God can!", "I know God can!".  Through our faith we can use God's strength as we go up those hills of life.

Trains are Strong.

Trains are usually made to be pretty strong and powerful.  They have to be.  Many of them carry cargo, go long distances, and need to get to where they are going with speed.

When we are relying on Christ, we can be pretty powerful too.  We'll be able to bear the burdens that we have because we are letting the Lord carry them for us.  We can move along the track in His strength instead of our own.

Riding The I-Am-The WayTrak.

In the States, we all know what the Amtrak is.  Its name is from "America" and "track" and it's that fast train that sails past us and carries passengers in quick time.

For Christians, we need to travel a different line, the "I-Am-The WayTrak".  Only Christ can guide us and show us the way.  When we follow His leading instead of our own, we end up at the proper destination.  He's the Conductor.

For some of us, we've delveloped our own line--the "Me-Trak".  We want things our own way and we can really get off track in our Christian lives when we start riding that one.

Trains Require a Source of Energy.

There's got to be something that makes the train go.  Older trains used coal to fire them up.  Nowadays, it's mostly diesel-electric, but no matter what type of train, it needs something to power it.

For us, the Holy Spirit can be our power source.  Being filled with the spirit can spur us on and keep us fueled.

Chugging Forward.

We don't see many trains moving backwards.  All the wheels of a train have to move forward in order to get where it needs to be.  The wheels need to be greased and oiled and in good working order in order to move and also to stop when the conductor wants the train to stop.

As a Christian, we need our daily tune up too.  We need to spend time in prayer and the Word so we are ready to move forward and follow the leading of our Conductor.  We have to be ready to slow down and stop, and sometimes even wait when the Lord wants us to as well.


I know sometimes it's hard living the Christian life and keeping on track.  Our cargo bed gets bogged down with burdens and we forget to let Christ carry them.

We see a split in the tracks and sometimes don't know what direction to go and believe me, crossroads can be scary.  We get so busy with daily schedules that we seem like our wheels are spinning and that we are getting nowhere.

Sometimes we just need to remember Who our Conductor is—that He's that great Power Source that we need to keep us chugging along and on the rails.  We don't have to do this alone.  We have the Lord to rely on to show us the way.

So, are you on the right track?

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