Road Ready Devotional for Women

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Road Ready

Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 08, 2012

Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths.  Psalms 25:4

Most of us plan ahead when we go on vacation or before we set out on the road for a long trip.  There are things we do to prepare.


Before we are ready to hit the road, one of the first things we have to do is make sure we are all packed.  We'll need clothes, toothbrushes, and all the necessities.

My kids are getting older so they pack mostly for themselves but I still have to make sure they don't want to take too much or too little.  I have a tendency to overpack so I have to keep a watch on myself too.

As we are on our life journey we have to think about all the things we are taking along with us as Christians.  Are there things in our lives that aren't fit for the trip to Heaven?

Do we have unnecessary speech, bad habits, or sin that we shouldn't be putting in our suitcases?  Are we remembering to take along those necessities like the fruit of the spirit and holy living?

Tune Up

Before we take a trip my husband always makes sure to take our car into the shop and get a tune-up.  The oil level needs checked and the tires need to be checked for pressure.  There are several things that need to be looked over to see if there are any problems or potential problems with the car.

We don't want to get out on the road somewhere and realize we've got a problem.  We want to get it taken care of and move on down the road.

Spiritually we sometimes need a tune up too. Every once in a while our tires need kicked.  We have to check over our lives and our hearts to see if there's anything keeping us from fellowship with the Lord.  Is our Christian life running smoothly?

Fill Up with Gas

Before we set out on a trip, I want our gas tank full.  There's nothing I hate more than going down the highway on a low tank of gas.  I'm always scared we'll run out.  We have to fill up before we go and if it's a long trip, we may have to fill up along the way again.

In our Christian lives, we need to fill up with prayer and the Holy Spirit or we won't get very far down the road.  Running low can put us in jeopardy.  Our engine may start to sputter or we'll find ourselves stuck alongside the road somewhere without any energy to go on.

We need the Lord's to keep on moving because we can't go on in our own strength.

Necessary Papers

We can't get behind the wheel and start off down the road without some necessary information.  We have to have our driver's license, legal license plate on our vehicle, and proof of insurance before we set off.

Do you have the necessary papers to go to Heaven?  Is your name written in the Book of Life?  Are you a child of God?

Map or Directions

When we set out on a trip it is always nice to know the directions to where we are going.  We would like to make it to our destination.  I can remember growing up and going on long trips with my family and there was always a map which one of us would open up and follow along so when my dad asked for a reference we'd be ready.

Remember opening those maps and they'd stretch clear across the car?    Nowadays we have GPS systems in our cars or we Google maps on our phone or before we leave we Google it out on the computer and print out step by step directions.  Does anyone use real maps anymore?

When we set out on our Christian journey, we need some directions too.   Although we've accepted Christ and know we are going to reach our destination of Heaven, following directions for living down on this earth will make the trip so much nicer.

Allowing God's leading and keeping on the road of His will does make a difference.  Getting out our "Bible" map will give us all the details we need for the trip.  It will tell us how to avoid roadblocks, how to handle emergencies, and all kinds of useful information.

Food and Water

If we start out on a road trip that's several miles we may end up on the road during meal time so we could end up having to stop for dinner or for a little shorter trip, we just may need some snacks or refreshment before we move on down the road.

On our Christian journey we need to make sure we don't miss any meals of the Word of God too.  I think sometimes we get so busy driving down the road and doing busy things as Christians that we don't always stop and get refreshed with God's Word like we should.


Heaven is such a wonderful destination that the Lord has given for us to look forward to but He left us here on this earth to journey awhile first.  What kind of streets are you traveling on before you end up there?  What kind of landscapes are you passing?  Are you journeying through areas that you should avoid as a Christian?

There's so much we can do to prepare for our trip to Heaven. We don't have to do any good works in order to get there.  The Lord has already given us Heaven when we accept Him as our Lord but we should be watching and waiting for His return and we should be doing those good works because it is a reflection of Him and Who He is.  How we live our lives is the journey.

Relying on the Lord's leading and keeping our feet on the right path daily will help us to navigate away from the areas that we should avoid and it will help us be right where the Lord wants us in our lives.  Not all roads are smooth sailing.

Sometimes the Lord wants us to hit roadblocks, detours, and maybe even some flooded out areas but following the paths He wants us in also helps move us into those wonderful stretches of road where we experience things like peace, joy, and blessings.

So, how's your journey going? 

Copyright ©2012 Julia Bettencourt
Scripture References are from the King James Version.

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