Filling our Pantry Bridal Shower Devotion

Note:  Sometimes you may only get a short time to speak for a bridal shower, so you could break this up and just focus on either the "Filling Up Our Canisters" or the "Filling up Our Refrigerator, Cupboards, and Pantry" section.

Filling Our Pantry
Bridal Shower Devotional

Julia Bettencourt

Posted May 04, 2011

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life". Proverbs 4:23

When we set up housekeeping, one of the first things we need to do is stock our refrigerator, fill up our cupboard shelves, and pantry.  When it comes to our marriages, there's some stocking up we have to do too.  Let's see what we need to have on hand.

Filling Up Our Canisters

Most of us like to have a pretty set of canisters sitting on our counters. Canisters usually come in a set of four.  Flour, Sugar, Coffee, and Tea, so first we are going to fill those.


The grain used to make flour has to be ground down before it can be used. It's a process of work just like our marriages.  We don't just wake up one day and have the perfect marriage or even a good marriage, we have to work at it day by day.

Another thing that has to be done to flour is that all the foreign objects have to be removed and separated from the ground wheat or whichever grain was used.

For our marriages to become what we'd like, we have to live separated from sin in order for our marriage to become what the Lord would have for us.


Sweetness sure makes things tastes good.  Remember those song lyrics from Mary Poppins?  A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.  We have to incorporate some sweetness in our our marriages too.

How about some sweet tones when we talk to our husbands?  Some "I love yous".  One thing that will work wonders is a sweet attitude toward your husband.

Or how about some sweet names like, Honey, Sweetheart, Sugarplum, or whatever endearing name you have for your husband?  I'm sure he likes hearing that endearing name.


Even if you don't drink coffee, it's always good to have some on hand when your mom or your new mother-in-law comes to visit.

Coffee is grounds of the coffee bean so of course we've got to get a little grounded in our marriage, and what's better than being grounded in the Word of God?

Spending time in God's Word can help your personal Christian walk, but it also will have an impact on your marriage, so make time for it.


There are so many teas that you can fill your tea canister with these days.  There are special blends for this, special blends for that, and if you drink herbal teas, read that fine print on the box.  They all have specific things each blend of tea is supposed to do for you.

Some make you sleepy.  Some make you calm.  Some are good for this and that.

When you marry your husband, you are going to be a special blend too.  A marriage is a blending of two lives.  You've got to get along, communicate, and blend together.

What type of blend will it be?  What do you think will end up being written on the box?  Good for fighting?  Good for chaos?  Or will it be a soothing blend?

Filling Up Our Refrigerator, Cupboards, and Pantry

Next we are going to fill up our refrigerator and the shelves of our cupboards and pantry.  We have to have several things on hand if we are going to do any cooking.


Produce is usually one of the first areas we pass in the grocery store so we are going to start with that one.  It's those things like raw fruits and veggies.

This should remind us to produce a good marriage.  What kind of marriage do you want to produce?  Whatever we put in to it, that's what it will become.


We all need our dairy products. Eggs, cheese, and milk are essentials.  All those dairy products contain vitamins and things our bodies need in order to function well.

We need some essentials to make our marriages function well too.  Going to church together with your husband, reading your Bible and praying together with your husband.

Dates are essential too!  Husbands and wives need some quality time with just the two of them together.

Dry Goods.

Everyone needs some dry goods on hand.  They are those things like beans, spaghetti, and rice.  When we go to cook our dry goods, most need to be cooked until tender.

Tenderness is something we need to remember in our marriages too.  Tenderness is basically being warm and affectionate.

Sounds easy right?  We love each other so that should come naturally, right?  Well, life doesn't always work that way and there may be times we show more harshness than tenderness, so it's something we've got to watch out for.

Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings.

Usually we "top" our spaghetti with sauce or our salads with dressings.  Some of us even like our ice-cream topped with chocolate sauce or something yummy.  It is that extra that we crave.

We crave that in our marriages too.  Going that extra mile for your spouse makes them feel special.

Maybe fixing them their favorite meal or dessert.  Giving them some time to relax.  Writing them a little love note.

All those little extras help top off your marriage.

Foils and Wraps.

We use these products to keep things fresh, to protect, to seal out bad smells, and even to keep out the flies.  We have to keep our marriages fresh and protected too.  We definitely need to keep those flies out!

You need to put effort into protecting your marriage.  Don't put yourself in situations that even have the slightest chance to bring in the bad smells.  Put safeguards in place. Set some rules for yourself.

It may be things like never riding in a car alone with a man that's not your husband.  Never inviting a man who is not your husband into your home when your husband isn't present.

There are so many situations that you know you'd act honorably in, but you still have to put that wall of protection around your marriage and set some guidelines for yourself as a married woman.


As we work on filling our pantry in our marriage, we need some great things lined up on our shelves.  We need all those things that will help our marriages, like love, communication, giving, devotion, trust, and even laughter.

All those things start in our hearts and flow out of us.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

Whatever we have filled our hearts with will come out.  Whatever comes out will spill into our lives and into our marriages, so we've got to be diligent about guarding our hearts.

If we don't watch out, we will find things in our pantry that we don't remember putting there.  They might be things that could harm our marriage.

Keeping and guarding our hearts will enable us to put those desirable things onto our shelves and into our marriage that we need to have a fulfilling life with our spouse.

So, how is your pantry filled?

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Object Lesson:

One way to use this as an object lesson is to purchase something from each of the categories, place them in a basket or bag and pull the appropriate item out as you speak on that category.  You can then give the basket to the bride to be.

You could also use a reusable shopping bag.  (If you want a really cute one, they have some pretty floral ones at Marshalls for .99 cents.)

Another way is to use this as an opportunity for a "pounding" and have all your ladies attending to bring something in one of the categories along with their regular shower gift.

You may want to assign products so you get several things in each category.

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