Sincere Milk of the Word of God

A Sincere Milk Desire

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 10, 2010

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:   1 Peter 2:2

As I began pondering on this verse, all those things that make milk good for us came to mind.  I know it's good for my hair, teeth, and bones and all that stuff, but that overused ad phrase "got milk?" kept coming to my mind so I decided I'd pop on over to the "Got Milk" website and see exactly what they said the benefits of milk were.

I figured they had them listed and I was right.  They had several points and as I began rolling those things through my head, I couldn't help to wonder if I am getting all the benefits from the "milk of the Word" that I can possibly get.

That verse in 1 Peter talks about a "desire" for the "milk of the Word". Do I really desire it?  I have always loved milk, especially growing up.  Of course for the last several years I've only been using skim milk so I don't drink that in glassfuls but reserve it for putting on cereal and things.

My son really loves milk.  I can't believe how much milk he drinks.  He really does "desire" it.

I wonder how much of a desire we have for the Bible and the milk of God's Word?  Are we seeing the benefits in it?  Let's take a look at those benefits of milk and see if it might help us desire the "milk of the Word" a little more.

Beauty.  Hair, Skin, and Nails

As women, don't we all like those three things beautiful on us?  When hair is healthy it shines.  Our skin looks best when it's healthy and nobody likes brittle nails.  Many of us even want our nails to grow out so we can polish them and keep them pretty. Milk is a beautifier.

It's the same with the milk of the Word. It's a beautifier too.  When we are drinking it in, our attitudes are a lot prettier.  Aren't they?  How we act and behave as a Christian is so much more becoming than when we aren't getting enough of our "Milk".

Rebuilding Muscles

It's thought that the proteins in milk help rebuild muscles after physical activity and it's true that the Word of God can rebuild and re-charge us as well.  You ever been tired, worn out, and then you got out your Bible and read it for awhile and you felt your strength coming back to you?  Maybe you read something new or you found some familiar verses that just seemed to seep into your system and you felt God's love and His arms holding you.  When we drink in God's Word it builds us up.  It can have a powerful affect on us. It's a bodybuilder!

Help For P.M.S

I had to giggle just a little when I saw this listed as one of the main benefits of milk.  Things like milk that are rich in calcium are believed to cut down some of those physical and emotional symptoms of P.M.S.  Isn't it so true that when we are spending time in God's Word that we tend to be a little less irritable and cranky too?

One of things that was mentioned was that women were less likely to be "weepy and depressed".  Ever been one of those weepy and depressed Christians?  Not pleasant to be around, are they?

We've all been there, me included.  Sometimes I don't even like to be around myself.  Of course when I get my Bible out and start drinking it in, all of a sudden I'm a little more emotionally balanced.  Sometimes I have to keep drinking and drinking until the bubbles make a sound at the bottom of my glass!

Helps Build Strong Bones

I think we all know what benefit calcium is to our bones, especially for us women.  Most of us probably do something to increase our bone strength, like eating calcium enriched foods, such as milk of course.  

Some of us never forget to take our vitamins or calcium supplement.  As women, we know how very important that is to our health, but are we missing out on our calcium when it comes to God's Word?  Are we getting Osteoporosis where our Christian bones are concerned?

As a woman, you probably already know about Osteoporosis.  It is where your bone density breaks down and your bones become very weak.  Sometimes it's called the "silent disease" because you usually don't know you have it until it's too late.  There are no early symptoms..  

Same way with us as Christians.  We may not notice what an affect not staying in the Word is having on our life until we have some big fall and fracture our leg or mess up our hip.  Something arises that our bones or Christian maturity doesn't have the strength to handle.  We've got to be drinking in the Word all the time in order to prevent our chance of a health risk.

Healthy Teeth

Taking care of our teeth is so important. We want our teeth to be white and strong.  As Christians we should meet the world head on with a healthy smile.

Milk is one of those ways again to get some calcium for our teeth.  Of course we need a regular routine of brushing and flossing too.  How much more would we see the benefits and fruit of our Christian lives if we kept up with a regular daily routine for drinking in the Word?  Don't let yourself get in the position where God has to do a root canal on you!


Going back to our verse in 1 Peter 2:2, it talks about desiring God's Word like babies desire milk.  We know how they act when they need to be fed, don't we?  Even babies know they need that milk.

It sustains them just like God's Word sustains us and meets our needs.  No excuse for being lactose intolerant with the "milk of the Word" either.  It was designed for all of us as Christians. We all need the benefits it can offer us. 

I'm sure most of you have seen those milk mustaches on celebrity ads for milk.  Do people notice when we've been spending time in God's Word and drinking it in?  Do we have anything left on our upper lip?  Do people see the evidence left in our behavior?

I think we should wear those "mustaches" with pride.  With all these benefits of milk to us as Christians, others should see something different about our lives.

So, are you wearing a milk mustache?

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