Please Mr. Postman Devotional

Please, Mr. Postman!

Julia Bettencourt

Posted January 06, 2015

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.   Jeremiah 15:16

Do you all remember that song, "Please Mr. Postman"?  I guess I'm dating myself, but I can remember hearing it on the radio when I was a kid.  I looked it up and it came to the top of the billboard chart the year I was born.  Yes, that was 1961.

That song must have stayed around awhile because I can remember hearing it when I was real little.  It was redone by the Carpenters later on in the 70's and I remember them singing it too.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman
Wait Mister Postman

Please Mister Postman, look and see
(Oh yeah)
If there's a letter in your bag for me
(Please, Please Mister Postman)
Why's it takin' such a long time
(Oh yeah)
For me to hear from that boy of mine

Have you ever been away from a loved one and just were dying to hear word from them?  You watch the mailbox every day.  You are on pins and needles until you are comforted by word from them.  You want to scream, "Hey! Mr. Postman!".  I guess that would be "mail carrier" today.

Of course now we watch our phones and computers for texts and emails and any social media contact.  There is much to be said for writing and receiving letters though.  Letters are tangible things.  Letters are something you can hold in your hand, see the handwriting of a loved one, and sometimes letters bring that smelling sense to surface.

Perhaps they have something enclosed.  Letters that come from loved ones that are in the military overseas may hold a little bit of sand or come with a little dirt and that makes them even more endearing to those who receive them.

I'm a lover of letters.  I can remember writing my husband letters before we got married.  We were in college at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga, Tennessee when we met.

I went home to Ohio to plan our wedding and my husband stayed in Chattanooga.  It was around six months because I remained at school for a few classes the summer of that year.  We got married in December.

My husband and I wrote lots of letters and cards to each other and I still have most of the ones he sent me.  Okay they have been in a Sear's bag in the garage most of this time.  I plan on putting some of them in a scrapbook.  That is one of my "someday" projects.

There are some thngs that letter writing and receiving evokes.

1  Anticipation.

Letters are something we look forward to receiving.  When it is from a loved one far away, we just can't wait for it to arrive.  I can remember waiting and watching for that mailman almost every day before my husband and I got married.

How much do we anticipate reading our love letter from the Lord?  Do we look forward to getting out our Bible and reading it?  Are our feet hitting the floor in the mornings with excitement and running to see what waits for us in the Word?

2   Connection.

Letters connect us.  Now we have social networking to connect us but way back when letters are what bound people together.  They still bind people together for those who choose to write them.

Look at the books in the Bible in the New Testament that we call "letters".  They are not short one line or even one page things.  They have substance because they would be carried many miles.  They were how people heard from each other so they were loaded with information.  When they were read the people instantly felt connected to the writer.

When most of us go through our daily mail we set the bills and junk mail aside if there is a card or real letter among it. I know I do.  I get excited and just about jump up and down when there is real mail among all that other junk.  We look at the envelope to see who it is from and are immediately connected to that person who sent it.

When we read our Bibles, we have to be mindful that this Word, this "letter" that we are reading comes from the Lord.  The more we read it, the more we are going to feel connected to the Author.

3   Emotion. 

When we read letters from loved ones, they tend to evoke emotions.  Ever read a letter and it brought you to tears or even to laughter?  Some people downplay emotions but I tend to disagree.

I know you shouldn't let your emotions control everything you do, but I think emotions are essential to us as beings.  God made us that way, especially us women.  We tend to feel more vibrantly than men.

Sure, sometimes emotions can make us overwrought, but it is good to allow our emotions escape once in a while.  It's good to have a good cry or even a good laugh.  It's even healthy for us.  Letters can get us to reveal our emotions and I think that is a good thing.

When it comes to reading those passages in the Bible, we should feel what it says.  When Jesus talks about seeing those people and being moved with compassion, we should feel it too.  When Daniel is in that lion's den, we should be on the edge of our seat.  When Jesus says he loves us, we should be overcome with all that His love entails for us.

When a verse speaks to us to live better, change, get excited, or whatever it does to us, it is okay to get caught up with a little emotion.  It is okay to cry.  It is okay to laugh.  It is okay to feel emotion when we read our love letter.

4   Reaction.

Reading a letter usually makes us react in some way.  When we receive a letter, it makes us want to write back.  It's not just good etiquette to write back to someone that has written to you, but when we hear from a loved one or someone we haven't seen in a while, we want to pick up the conversation again.  It makes us want to renew acquaintances.  It makes us want to react in some way to stay in touch.

I know some Christians who think that they can get by on prayer alone and never read the Bible on their own.  They think that just going to church and hearing sermons and prayer will get them through.  It won't.

You have to read God's Word in order to live a full life as a Christian.  You want God's power in your life?  Read His love letter.

When we read the Word, it makes us want to pray and share our thoughts with the Lord.  Spending time in the Word will strengthen your prayer life.  It will strengthen your Christian living.


Are we getting up with mindset of "Please, Mr. Postman!" let me have that letter from my Lord?  Are we running to our Bible like a mailbox that holds a dear letter from a friend?  Are we gently holding it because we know that the Word it contains inside is precious?  Are God's words "the joy and rejoicing" of our hearts as it says in Jeremiah 15:16?

The Lord has given us a beautiful love letter all wrapped up in our Bibles.  It's the kind of letter that we keep.  It's the kind that we take back out and read and re-read.  It's the kind that we hold in our pocket next to our heart.

It's the kind that we've read so often that we've memorized lines and phrases from it.  It's the kind of letter that has a few tear stains on it because we've cried so hard when the Holy Spirit moved us when reading those beautiful passages.  It's the kind of love letter that is handled often and has a little wear and tear on the edges.

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart...  Jeremiah 15:16

If you study and read about Jeremiah, you will see that this verse comes from when there was much evil going on all about him.  Frankly Jeremiah was having a hard time with it.

Ever feel like the whole world is against you?  I think Jeremiah was going through that.  If you just go back up and read verse 10 in that chapter (Jeremiah 15), you will get the picture.  Woe is me!  Jeremaih needed to hear from the Lord.

Verse 16 has great meaning when you read everthing before and after it.  Life was going on all around Jeremiah big time.  There is life going on around us too.  Sure, life for us is different with the advances of time, but yet we need God's Word just the same as Jeremiah did.  We need to hunger for it.

We need to reach for that love letter and hold it close.

So, how familiar are you with God's Love Letter?

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