Learning to Learn Devotional

Learning to Learn

Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 3, 2012

A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.  Proverbs 1:5

We all send our kids to school to learn and that is what we were sent to school for when we were young.

The dictionary definition of learning is: The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught.

As Christians, we should be in a constant state of learning because there is always something new to learn from the Bible, something to learn through the Lord's leading, something to learn from others, or something to learn from life itself.

Here are some ways we can improve our learning through a little acrostic for LEARN.



Sometimes it is hard to listen.  Probably because in order to do it we need to keep our mouths shut.  For some of us that's not so easy but there are always things to listen and learn from.

Right off the bat, there are the Sunday sermons and our Sunday School lessons, but outside of church services we should be learning to better our Christian lives too.  We may need to open our ears to friends, our parents, our employers, or maybe even just someone that's older and wiser than us.

It's true for kids in school too.  Listening is a big part of classroom learning.  In order to learn, quiet has to be kept or no one can hear the teacher.  Can you hear your "Teacher?".


We can gain much learning about anything just by examining it more closely.  That is so important when it comes to the Word of God.  We have to really examine it to see what it is saying.

We have to compare passages with others.  We have to read an entire chapter, or several chapters, to take it in context.  We have to compare accounts of one thing with where it may be mentioned in another part of the Bible.  We have to take a closer look at words and their meanings.  There is so much in God's Word that we can gain learning from my taking a closer look.

Examining other things is important too.  Our world is full of books labeled "Christian" or by "Christian" authors but we have to examine as to whether they use the Bible as their guide.  There are so many places now other than local churches where people are attending conferences and seminars by "Christians" but even in these venues we need to examine the things they say and compare it to God's Word.

I know so many people who find websites on the internet or even a cause that comes along and on the surface they look great and people get behind them and support them, but I wonder sometimes if they ever really examine some of the things these places promote.  We are responsible for examining the things in front of us and it is a big part of our learning.


It doesn't do anyone any good to have knowledge and not use it.  We have to apply what we learn to our lives.  That is so true with God's Word.  We can read it and examine it all we want but if we never use it and apply it to our lives, it isn't doing us much good.

If we aren't applying what God's Word says, not only will this affect our learning as Christians but it also will affect those who are without the Lord.  They need to see us applying God's Word in order for them to see their need of Christ.


When we were in school and those tests and quizzes came up, we had to remember what we learned in order to make a passing grade.  The same is true in our Christian lives.  We have to learn God's Word and remember it.  So much can be gained by committing God's Word to memory or just by being familiar with what God's Word says on various topics.

Think of the comforting verses alone.  How they can bring us through at just the right time. Beyond that, there's so much in God's Word that teaches us how to live and how to act that we need to be able to remember what God's Word says so we can make good choices on a daily basis.

In order to increase our memories where God's Word is concerned, we may need to memorize verses, take notes in church and review things we've learned about.  It requires reading the Bible on a constant basis so we are familiar with it.  That will help us commit it to memory.


Have you ever went through life and noticed something you did not notice before?  It is like that when we are learning to improve our Christian lives.  We may think we are beginning to know God's Word better than we ever have, but there are always going to be those moments of noticing something in a different light, in a different way, or noticing something we may have overlooked altogether.

Don't block out a sermon or daydream in Sunday School just because the pastor or teacher may be talking on a subject or going through a passage you are familiar with.  There may be some beautiful nuggets that the Lord wants you to take away with you.

Sometimes I've read passages in the Scripture over and over and out of the blue, I'll be hit with something new and fresh.  I think we have to be open to that and go through life with the attitude that God can teach us something new at any time.  We always have to be open to what we can learn.


One thing about learning as a Christian is that it is for everyone who knows Christ.  We are never too old or too young to learn.

I don't think we should be like kids who don't want to go to school.  When we accept Christ, we should want to know all about Him.  Learning more about living for the Lord should be something we are not only willing to do but eager to do as well.

So, are you ready to learn?

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