Keep Calm Devotional

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Keep Calm

Julia Bettencourt

Posted July 14, 2012

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

I love all that Subway and Poster Art that has words and a solid background saying, "Keep Calm and...."  You fill in the blank.  There are so many variations.

The original being "Keep Calm and Carry On" which was on a poster issued in the UK as a morale booster during World War 2.  I have even seen some that say "Keep Calm and Eat Cake" or "Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate".  I could go for that advice pretty easily.

I thought about those sayings and was reminded how much the Lord can keep me calm.  It was a little while ago that I first jotted down some of my points for this devotional but now as I sit down to type this out from my notes, there is so much unrest in the world.

We have so much happening in Libya, Egypt, and all over the Middle East.  It makes me shudder to think what I would do without my Lord to be there for me and keep me calm.

Keep Calm and Pray.

The first thing I find I need to do when I want to keep calm is to pray.  There's nothing like being able to just talk to the Lord when you need to.  Knowing He is always there to listen whenever I need Him most is so wonderful.  Praying relaxes me because I know whatever it is that the Lord is listening and I can just give all my thoughts and worries over to Him

Keep Calm and Read the Word.

The Bible is full of calming thoughts for me. Initially I usually turn to the Psalms when I need a little calming down.  It's full of calming words for me. Some go-to Psalms for me are Psalm 23, 61. and 91.  The whole Bible is really chock full of little tidbits that calm me down.

Keep Calm and Fellowship.

I am so glad for that fellowship with other believers in Christ.  Christian friends are a wonderful source of lifting us up when we need a shoulder to lean on.  They are a calming force to me.

Keep Calm and Have Faith.

Faith makes things possible even when our hearts may be unsettled. When we have faith, we can let out that breath we've been holding.

We can relax in what Hebrews 11:1 says,

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Keep Calm and Sing.

Singing calms me down, especially when I start singing those old hymns.  One of my favorites is "Be Still My Soul" when I need calming.   I also like to sing those little kid choruses.

There's something about those bright little songs mostly about God's love that calm me down.  I love singing "Jesus Loves Me!".  Love clinging to the thought that"They are weak but He is strong.  Yes, Jesus loves me!".

Keep Calm and Laugh.

Of all the things the Lord gives us as humans, I'm glad he gave us the ability to laugh.  Laughter is a wonderful way to help release all that tension we build up.  A good laugh can sometimes help calm me.

Keep Calm and Cry.

Laughter is wonderful but crying is good too, especially for us women. Sometimes we just need a good cry.  When I have things building up that takes away from my calm factor, crying can be a good release for it so if I have to cry, I do.

I'm not sure about you, but sometimes a good cry does me a world of good.

Keep Calm and Serve Others.

When our nerves are frayed and our hearts unsettled, reaching out and doing something for someone else is a great way to forget what is ailing us.  When we are concentrating on someone else, it is easy to forget about ourselves.  Serving others is a wonderful way to keep us calm.

Keep Calm and Deal with the Problem.

Sometimes when we need a little calming, maybe we should see what is making us feel that way and fix the problem.  Not that we can always do that.  There are always going to be things that may be out of our own control.

Other times though, we may be able just to deal with a problem that is so unsettling to us and fix it.  At the least we may be able to put some effort into working on it.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

I think that old war time poster makes a lot of sense.  We just have to carry on no matter what. We've got to keep moving.  I know for me personally, just getting busy helps calm me more than anything.

I'm one of those busy cleaners.  Sometimes I get a lot of cleaning done in my house just because I need to calm my nerves down.  For me, keeping busy calms me down and I get my house clean too.


I know there is so much uncertainty in the world right now. It bothers me and makes me feel so unsettled.  Maybe it is because I can sometimes be a little bit of a political junkie, especially in an election year.  I want to be smart and know all the details of this and that.

I live in California and where we live we end up with what seems to be about a zillion propositions on our ballots and you have to be informed because those props are all worded so deceitfully.

Sometimes I do get into a little bit of overload of talk radio and news but I think it is important not only as Americans to be well informed but as Christians as well.

With all of this violence in the Middle East and all things that are happening politically, it makes me have a need to keep calm more than ever right now.  I'm just so glad that I have the Lord to go to for that calming.  The Lord grounds me and helps me to be able to "carry on". After all, He has "...overcome the world." John 16:33.

So, how do you keep calm?

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