Gingerbread Christmas Devotional

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Julia Bettencourt

Posted October 26, 2010

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made...   Psalm 139:14

I love the smell of gingerbread!  It's got a distinct aroma that's so pleasing to me and I think it tastes pretty good too.  I don't just wait until Christmas either,  I buy those little gingersnap cookies from time to time to have with my coffee.

Of course at Christmas, gingerbread is just one of those things that we build memories from.

My kids love decorating gingerbread houses and cookies.  No, I don't bake up those elaborate houses.  I usually just make the cookies myself and purchase the pre-made house kits that the kids put together and then decorate.  It's grown into a really fun thing for my kids to do each year.

I was thinking ahead about what treats I'm going to bake up for Christmas this year and about gingerbread and those gingerbread people cookie cutters that I have.

For some reason, sometimes when I bake those my arms and legs on my gingerbread people seem to either elongate or scrunch up or something.  My sugar cookies usually turn out perfect but when I make gingerbread ones, they just never all have that cookie-cutter look as they all turn out a little different.

That got me to thinking about that verse in Psalm 139:14 where it talks about being "fearfully and wonderfully made".  God made each of us special in His eyes.  I sure hope I can live my life as He intended because I know He created me and put me here on this earth for a reason.

What are Gingerbread Girls made of?

The Right Ingredients 

Just like gingerbread girls, Christian women should be full of a little sugar and spice, don't you think?  Above all, everything nice.  We should have positive attitudes, kind hearts, and just be pleasant people to be around.

There are a lot of ingredients we wouldn't put into our gingerbread cookies and there are a lot of worldly things out there that can mess us up as a Christian.

Unique Flavor

Gingerbread has a unique flavor because the spice, ginger, is so distinctive.  I think love is the distinctive spice that we have as Christians. It's what Christ said others will know us by.

Baked to Perfection 

Another thing a gingerbread has to have is heat in order to bake.  We as Christians have to have that heat for us to bake up to perfection too.

Those trials and things that come into our lives have a purpose.  They make us stronger and make us rely on the Lord more.  It strengthens us so that we don't crumble when we are picked up off of the pan.


Don't you just love the way some people decorate their gingerbread cookies or gingerbread houses?  You can put all kinds of icings, sugars, and candies on gingerbread projects.

It's the same way with us, the Lord has a way of running the icing over our lives.  Sometimes it's in those little rick-rack lines, sometimes straight lines, or sometimes even with little dashes.  Each of us, He decorates in His own way.

We are not all going to face the same things in our Christian lives.  We won't all have the same trials or even the same blessings.  Our lives are unique but when we have accepted Christ, we are all still in the same family.


We celebrate Christmas to honor Christ Who came as our Ultimate Gift.   He was born a sweet little baby, but more than that, He came to save us and give us life.  Shouldn't we be living here on earth as He intended?

I think sometimes we get stuck on the baking pan.  We just can't seem to get up and get moving for the Lord and live life to the fullest and spread the Good News as He intended.

Here's My Gingerbread Prayer:

Dear Lord, Put in me the right ingredients that best reflects Your love.  Don't let me allow the world to seep into my life.

Dear Lord, Bake me with Your love and bring me through the heat and trials of your choosing so that I'm fit for Your service.  Let me rely on Your strength so that I won't crumble and fall apart.

Dear Lord, give me eyes to see the needs of others instead of my own.  Help me see with Your compassion.

Dear Lord, Give me a nose to tell the difference between what the world offers and what Your Word says.  Help me to know right from wrong.

Dear Lord, Give me arms and hands to give and work for Your glory.  Help me to uplift others when they need it most.

Dear Lord, Give me legs and feet to follow You.  Help me spread the news of Your birth and wonderful gift of life that You offer us.

Dear Lord, Give me the sweet smelling aroma of Your love so that others may know I'm Your child.

Dear Lord, Decorate me with Your love and make my life beautiful for You.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

The Lord has made us all or baked us all up as it were for a unique purpose.  I hope I can be that sweet person that is full of His love and have that distinct aroma that says I'm a Christian.

I think we should all be that warm treat that the world so badly needs.  We should be that Christian that's baked up and ready, full of God's love, and willing to share the true meaning of Christmas and the story of God's love with others.

So, are you full of sugar & spice, and everything nice?

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The message is that when everthing is overwhelming us at Christmas, we need to stop, look to the Lord, and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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