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Scrapbooking Devotional

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A Few of my Favorite Things

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 21, 2012

But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.  Isaiah 64:8

If you know me well, you know that I love papercrafting and all the supplies and tools that come with it.  I mostly enjoy making cards and little favor projects made out of cardstock.  I delve into scrapbooking a little, but I never seem to get very far along with those scrapbooking albums.

I definitely love paper.  There is something about all those textures and colors of cardstock and pretty patterned designer paper that just makes me happy.  My tools and all those amazing embellishments are my treasures.

I'd like to take you along with me for some little lessons we can learn from some of these tools and supplies that are my favorite things.


When we scrapbook and make handmade greeting cards or do any type of papercrafting, we use paper of a variety of types, weights, textures, sizes, and patterns.

That is how it is with us as Christian women.  We come in all different varieties as well.  It sure would be boring to only have to use one type of paper to papercraft with. Wouldn't it?  The body of Christ sure would be boring if we were all alike too.  The body of Christ needs all the textures, patterns, and designs we each bring with us as individuals.


If you are a scrapbooker or like to papercraft, you know one of the things you end up using the most is some type of glue or adhesive. We've got to have some way to attach all those layers of paper and all those pretty embellishments we like to use.

I'm sure if you are like me, you like different adhesives for different jobs. Some jobs require glue sticks or maybe white glue.  Still others foam mounts or adhesive tape.  And what would we scrappers and paper loving crafters do without the invention of the glue dot?

What about you?  What adhesives do you use to hold yourself together?  Some you might want to try are God's love, God's strength, fellowship with other Christians, joy, and faith.  Remember, some of these require a generous amount when applying.

Scoring Tool

It doesn't take a beginning papercrafter long to realize that one of the most important tools in the art is some type of scoring tool.  Some of us like those scoring boards to do our scoring on such as a Scor Pal or Martha Stewart's Scoreboard.

Others of us just use the scoring tool that is on our paper cutters, but if you scrapbook or make greeting cards, chances are you will encounter some need for scoring your paper.

Before we score our paper though, there's always something important that we need to do first. Measure.  We need a guide to make our score marks because we want them to be in the right spot for our projects.

We need to put some guidelines in our Christian lives too.  We've got a "tutorial" or "pattern" to follow.  The Bible gives us great boundaries to live by.  We just have to insert the right things in our lives in the right spot.  Maybe that's marking your morning by prayer and Bible study before you go off into your day.

Maybe it's guidelines you set for yourself of how you should handle a particualar situation that arises.  There are all kinds Biblical principles and guidelines that we should be marking on our lives in order for us to stay on the straight and narrow.

Creasing Tool

Most of us scrappers and papercrafters love our bone folders.  I know I do.  I have several of them because I use them all the time.  It is one tool I have to keep handy.  Some of you may even use just a tongue depressor, but if you papercraft at all, you'll probably need something to crease those score lines with.

What we could probably all agree with is that we like good crisp folds.  It makes whatever we are working on not only prettier but sometimes easier to go on to the next step in our project.  Those crisp folds take a little pressure and getting it on the score line just right so our project folds are straight and we end up with better results.

Ever feel like the Lord was putting a little pressure on you?  Running that bone folder down your life?  He just wants you to turn out even prettier in the end.


I'm sure we all have our favorite embellishments when it comes to scrapbooking and making cards.  What is so fun is that the suppliers make so many for us to choose from.  It is almost mind boggling. Glitter, buttons, ribbon, stickers, flowers, brads, charms.  You name it. It is there for us to try and make our layouts more attractive.

What are we adding to our lives to serve as embellishment?  What is our focal point when other people look at us?  Do they see all those fruits of the spirit, acts of kindness, and love for others shinning and glittering in our Christian lives?

Stamp and Ink

I'm more of a general papercrafter and not as much of a stamper, but I do have a good supply of rubber stamps and ink pads.  We all have our favorite ink colors we get hooked on and use over and over.

We all also have our own favorite stamp companies and brands that we are loyal to and love.  Or perhaps a favorite type or genre of stamps we like to use, and I guess the debate of rubber wooden handle stamps verses clear stamps could last a century.

What about us though?  Whose image do we have stamped on us?  Do we reflect the Lord in what we do and say?  Are we making a clear and perfect impression on the world for Christ?

Heat Tool

Have you ever embossed in your papercrafting?  It takes a stamp, embossing powder, a heat tool, and of course something to stamp your image on.  We use the heat tool to "set" the image.  We want it to keep its design.

When the Lord uses a little "heat" on us by the way of troubles and trials, it is because He wants to help us hold our design as a Christian.  Sometimes a little heat is something we have to go through. Christ wants us to be durable and come out of the heat a stronger person.


When we put our time into our papercrafting, whether it is scrapbooking, stamping, or crafting with paper of any type, we are looking forward to the outcome of the project.  We mostly do our scrapbooking for keepsakes, our cards to lift up others for special occasions or just everyday encouragement, and our projects usually end up making someone else happy.

Our work is important to us and we want to have good results and have our projects come out pretty and nice.

When the Lord works on us as His children He wants us to turn out pretty and nice too.  Sometimes he has to use some tools on us to help us gear our lives in the right way.  God has some favorite things He likes to use on us.

Sometimes He handles us gently.  Other times we may feel that heat tool bearing down on us and that pressure from the creasing tool can be a little overwhelming.  I know for sure the Lord has pulled out a distressing tool on me for some reason. 

Have you ever made crinkled paper flowers? You know that method of wadding up the flower shaped paper and scrunching it together and then unfolding it. Some days I feel like that is what the Lord is putting me though. He does it though to make me better. He does it to make me more beautiful to serve Him.

I just need to remember to allow the Lord to handle me and use me as He sees fit.  I've got to allow those cuts, folds, creases meant just for me, and allow Him to make things stick to me as He leads.

God has an amazing layout for our lives in mind. He's looking at the outcome.  Talk about creativity.  He is the Master at it.  Referring back to Isaiah 64:8,  He is the Potter and we are the clay. 

So, what are your favorite things?

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