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"A Spoonful of Sugar"
Devotional Writing Starter

Julia Bettencourt

Posted February 19, 2013

I have this one on the "Spoonful of Sugar" Printable Handout but I thought I'd put it here on the site as well so that if you are looking for starters, you cand find this one.  You can pick up the handout at the bottom of this page.

  • Scripture: Matthew 5:38-48

  • Giving away A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR sometimes requires the following:

That We Go Beyond Obligation.

That We Go Beyond What is Expected.

That We Go Beyond What is Deemed Necessary.

That We Go Beyond What is Comfortable.

That We Go Beyond Excuses.

Copyright ©2013 Julia Bettencourt

Devotional Starter Terms:  Feel free to add, change, and enhance.  Please do not reprint the devotional starters online as is.  These are writing prompts and you must rework them and make them your own if you'd like to print them online.  Thank you!

A Spoonful of Sugar Lesson Handout

Spoonful of Sugar Handout

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Spoonful of Sugar Women's Ministry Idea

Credit: Artwork for download by Trina Clark. Digi Scrap Kits.

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