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"Potlucks" and "Fellowships"
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Julia Bettencourt

Posted December 08, 2012

There was a question on our old message board about a devotional for a Potluck. I decided to post my response here as well in a devotional starter form...Julia

Being Unique

This question about potlucks got me to thinking about fellowships and potlucks.  Have you ever noticed that if you look around at potlucks that everyone brings their dish in something different----pans, crockpots, bowls, etc.

Sometimes there are even those with cracked or broken lids and some with mis-matching lids, etc.  Some have fancy dishes.  Some not.  But it all works out and everyone contributes. 

Just like with the body of Christ and sisters in Christ.  Nothing looks matching when you have a potluck and that's the way it's suposed to be!  We all have something to offer.  All in our own unique way.


Also was thinking that we all bring things in pans, bowls or trays.  Every dish holds something that we are going to share.

We as sisters in Christ should always be ready to help carry the burdens of others.  When we all pitch in and fill our own individual dishes, it's easier to handle and burdens are so much easier to handle that way too.


Thinking about the aromas of food made me think about how sweet fellowship is.


Food is a comfort to us and that's also one of the benefits of having Christian sisters.


Food is nutrition for us.  That's also one of the benefits of spending time with our sisters and other believers in Christ.

It's like nutrition for our souls.

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