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"On the Dot"
Devotional Writing Starter

Julia Bettencourt

Posted March 05, 2014

On the Dot

...In our Prayer Life
...In Our Thought Life
...In Our Hospitality
...In Our Compassion

Could be "On The Dot" on any topic.

On the Dot

The story of Esther. How she was "on the dot", where she should have been when God used her. "For such a time as this..."

Dotting Your I's

"Identity" (Are you a child of God?)
"Instruction" (how you regard God's Word)
"Integrity" (how you live)
"Influence" (how you are affecting other people)

Dot to Dot Living

Covering different areas of our lives, do the dots connect with a life that glorfies the Lord?

Dot to Dot puzzles form a shape that represents something such as a dog, cat, etc.

When people connect the dots in our lives, they should add up and form the shape of a godly life that glorfies Christ.

Living on the Dotted Line

Living on the straight and narrow for the Lord.

Not swaying our "lines" (or lives) into the world and what it has to offer.

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