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Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 12, 2008

Embellishing the Body of Christ

  • Buttons come is all different sizes.

  • We each have a role in the body of Christ.

  • Focus on our spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities.

  • Everyone is different but plays a part in the body of Christ.

  • How well do we embellish?

  • How are we a blessing?


  • Christ holds us together with His "thread".

  • No matter what happens, we won't fall.

  • He keeps us.

  • Nothing can jiggle us loose.

  • The thread will never break or wear out

Hot Buttons

Hot Buttons---are the things that you are most sensitive about. 

  • What are your hot buttons?

  • What or who is pressing your buttons? 

  • What causes you to---worry, get hurt, get annoyed, get angry, get depressed, etc.

  • How do you respond when someone presses your hot buttons?

  • What's your behavior to others after one of your hot buttons have been pressed?

  • We need to focus on our need for Christ to help us with our behavior.

Button Use

Uses for buttons.

  • Fasteners and Decorations.

  • Am I a fastener (diligent, worker, useful to the body of Christ)

  • Am I a decorative button? Are you just hanging there? Perhaps attached to your "church pew" and not really doing anything for Christ? 

Whose Got the Button?

As Christians we have several things (or "buttons") in our lives that hold us together such as faith, prayer, love, devotion to Christ, joy, etc.

  • Are there things missing in your Christian Life?
  • Are you missing some buttons?

We aren't complete in Christ unless we have certain things in place.

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