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Julia Bettencourt

Posted January 22, 2011

Thanks to some of the Ladies from our old message board for brainstorming with me on this topic several years ago. Thanks Ladies!

Balloons Need Air.

We need the breath of the Holy Spirit to inflate us and encourage us.  Have you ever seen a balloon that's been blown up and then popped?  Especially after awhile it gets all wrinkled and crumpled up because it doesn't have any air inside!

Balloons Need Something to Make Them Rise.

We need the Lord to give us strength and make us rise as a Christian.  We can't go in our own strength.

Balloons Need an Anchor.

Balloons need an anchor or a weight to hold them down.  As Christians we need to be anchored in Christ and in the Word of God or we will get carried away with the wind and the world.

Balloons are a Sign of Happiness.

Balloons are usually associated with celebration.  As Christians we should be associated with Christ and our lives should celebrate Him.

Balloons Can Pop

We pop easily when we aren't focused on Christ and when we are doing and going places that aren't meant for us as a Christian.

When we aren't staying in the Word and keeping our relationship with the Lord alive, that's an easy time to get deflated.

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