House of Love Bridal Shower Devotional

This devotional can be used as an object lesson.

House of Love
Bridal Shower Devotional

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 02, 2004

I Corinthians 13--The Love Chapter

Today, so many marriages fail because the love is missing from their homes and relationships.  We see in I Corinthians chapter 13 that love can go far, endure much, and still come out on top.  It's just that we forget that in our daily lives as man and wife that love does matter.

We forget that with it we are able to stretch the boundaries of our marriage and our home.

Love just doesn't happen.  The things that are associated with love are worked at.  

Some of the words in I Corinthians 13, are the following active things, (vs. 4) "suffereth", "is kind", "envieth not", "vaunteth not", "not puffed up", (vs. 5) "not behave itself unseemly", "seeketh not her own", "not easily provoked", "thinketh no evil", (vs. 6) "rejoiceth", (vs. 7) "beareth", "believeth", "hopeth", "endureth", (vs. 8) "never faileth".

We need to remember to work at building our house and marriage with love.


Put in the right ingredients for your marriage.  Make your home a godly home.  Fill it with compassion, devotion, submission, joy, respect, and above all, love.


Work at keeping the bad stuff out of your own personal life so that it doesn't affect your marriage.  Don't let any bad thoughts and deeds slip in that could potentially harm your marriage.

Keep in God's Word.  Dedicate yourself to prayer.

Kitchen Timer (or egg timer).

Make time for your spouse, even if you have to schedule it in on your calendar.  Don't be ships passing in the night.  You don't grow healthy relationships that way as husband and wife.

Rolling Pin.

Keep the dough of your marriage and family life rolled out and smooth.  When things come up that cause some lumps in the dough, take care of it right away.  Don't let things fester.

Meat Baster.

Add that extra juice in to keep your marriage moist.  Don't let your marriage dry out. Make a habit of telling your husband you love him.

Kiss him hello and goodbye.  Write him notes.  Do anything you can to keep that relationship fresh with your spouse.

Meat Mallet.

It takes work to keep your marriage tender.  Marriage is giving 100% from both the wife and the husband.  Be determined to work at your marriage and relationship with your husband everyday by the words you say, the deeds you do, and by the thoughts you think.

Just keep pounding away to give your marriage your best.

Charity never faileth...  I Corinthians 13:8


Working on each area of your marriage with the criteria of love in 1 Corinthians 13, will help you in turn build your home into a house with God's love at the center.

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Scripture References are from the King James Version.

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Object Lesson:

This devotional is geared to use as an object lesson with items that you would purchase for a bridal shower.  The item is listed, along with a spiritual application.

Place all the items into a gift bag or basket,remove the appropriate item, and give the application.  When you are finished with the devotional, give the gift bag of items to the bride to be.

The Items Needed are the Following: 

  • Cookbook (or recipe box)
  • Strainer
  • Kitchen Timer (or Egg Timer)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Meat Baster
  • Meat Mallet

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