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Online Tools for Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Welcome to the CLM Computer Room! This is a new section here at Creative Ladies. It's time for Women's Ministry to get into the electronic age and with that in mind, this section of the website is dedicated to helping you with ministering through online methods.

I've been working on this section for quite some time so I hope you will enjoy some of the new things that are waiting for you. Right now you will find lots of text frames (images that you can add your own text to and use online) along with some useful information. More will be coming.

Online Tools for Women's Ministry

    What can you use these tools for?
  • Facebook Pages
  • Your Blog or Website
  • E-Newsletters
  • Emails
Please Note: The images in this section of the website are not intended for printing. They are made especially for web viewing and not with as high a resolution as needed for quality printable graphics. You can however choose to print them if you wish. Just bear in mind the quality might not be as great and also I used a lot of dark and solid backgrounds on many of them and that can eat up your printer ink rather quickly.

Credit (or no credit): There is no need to link back to this website for any of the images in this section. I purposely left off any copyright information or website urls on the Image Frames so that you would be able to use them freely and without hesitation. I know I hate it when people scrawl their website urls and copyright information over top of graphics that are made to use, especially for ministry, so I get it. Really, I do.

Terms of Use for the Frames: You may add text and alter images. You may not profit from these graphics in any way. Do not offer the original images for download or offer them in any cd or graphic collection.

Text Frames for Women's Ministry

Holiday Images for Online Use

Image Frames for Online Use - You personalize with your own text!

Blank Image Frames for Online Use - You personalize! Use to share Bible verses, quotes, your event info, etc.

Note: If you want to add text in Pic Monkey for the images above, watch the video below. Even if you've been using Pic Monkey for awhile, you might pick up some tips.

  • Text Tool Video Tutorial (on the Pick Monkey Blog)

    Technology Tools for Women's Ministry

    Please Note: Many of the links below are to off-site sources

    Inspirational Images for Social Sharing: .
  • Julia's Inspirational Gallery

    Newsletters, Flyers, and Print Design
  • Graphic and Print Design Inspiration (CLM Pinterest Board)
  • Developing a Women's Ministry Newsletter (CLM)

    Helpful Articles
    Generator Tools
    Pic Monkey Tutorials and Tips

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