JuliaCreative Ladies Ministry was launched in April of 2001 and was born out of my desire to share the things that I've learned and gleaned over the years through ministry. CLM is not a staffed ministry but my personal ministry of sharing with others.

My focus is on teaching other ladies the skills and know-how to work confidently with the women in their churches that they may enjoy the fruits and benefits of building a Creative Ladies Ministry among the women they work with in their local churches.

In the beginning I had intended on writing a book with the majority of information that you find on the website. However, that was not God's plan. When I first gained internet access when all things internet were fairly new, I started searching for Women's Ministry ideas for my own use. There was nothing out there. Nothing. After a few years of yet finding nothing, in April of 2001, I began my own internet ministry with a small website and just a few devotionals and articles on Women's Ministry. The response was overwhelming. I decided to start sharing the things I'd learned in ministry for others to use and I slowly began uploading all those pages I'd tried at one time to put into book form. God blessed and the results were amazing.

Here online, I've been able to reach more people, and share more intimately the things that the Lord has laid upon my heart in a far more meaningful way than I could have ever done by having a book published. The website ministry has been blessed with a phenomenal number of visitors over the years and the amount of visitors continues to rise. Only God could have foreseen that and blessed in such a way. The Lord continues to bless and I continue to write and share as I feel He leads.

You will find the pages are free access, although I do sell a few Women's Ministry resources in order to keep the website running and be able to remain a stay-at-home-mom. Questions come in all the time about why the information and material is free but I feel like it is a part of "teaching other women". God tells us to do it. He doesn't say that even if we do it well, that we should package it up and slap a price on it. He just tells us to do it, so I feel like this is my way of ministering to and mentoring other women.

I appreciate each one of you that stop by and hope that you are blessed and inspired through the many areas of the website. My hope is that you will go away with some creative ideas to serve the Lord and use for ministry .

Blessings...Julia Bettencourt

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