Joy of serving in Women's Ministry

Joys of Working in Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted April 23, 2016

During an Online Leadership Workshop I held in March of 2015, I asked several questions throughout the week and got feedback on them. Below are some of the responses I got back from the following,

What is your favorite thing about serving in women's ministry? (or any type of ministry if you don't serve in women's ministry in some capacity)

I hope these are an encouragement to you.  They came in from women's leaders, pastor's wives, and women in general from all over the world. 

I didn't state the names on these of who submitted them.  Some people didn't fill out their personal information anyway.  Some are not in complete sentences.  You have to realize the ladies were filling out forms when answering the question.

  • Favorite Thing 1
    Seeing the faces of those that you help and letting them see that there are still some good God fearing people that will love them and help them for who they are and not run them in the ground for the circumstances they are in.

  • Favorite Thing 2
    Sharing with other women the Love of God.

  • Favorite Thing 3
    My favorite thing is to watch (or hear about) others experience joy over something they have learned or come to understand through their own devotion and obedience.

  • Favorite Thing 4
    My favorite thing is seeing people grow in God's grace.

  • Favorite Thing 5
    The fellowship.

  • Favorite Thing 6
    Getting to know the ladies in my group and the specific prayer needs and concerns they have for their families and themselves.  This makes it so much easier to pray for them and to know how to minister to them.

  • Favorite Thing 7
    My favorite thing about serving as the Women's Ministry Director is helping to teach other women about God's Word so they can have a closer relationship with Him.

    One of my spiritual gifts is serving and anytime I operate in that spiritual gift, it makes me happy.  I feel I am being obedient to what God has called me to do when I am serving other women.

  • Favorite Thing 8
    My favorite thing is the icebreaker game that I do and I always love giving gifts to the ladies that win.  It is time that the ladies really interact with each other.

  • Favorite Thing 9
    I serve in women's ministry and on the praise and worship team.  I love to see how our service inspires others to serve and grow in their walk.

  • Favorite Thing 10
    My favorite thing is to try to connect people to other people who have similar interests and can help to meet each other’s needs.

  • Favorite Thing 11
    I love hearing how our meetings are helping Ladies in their Christian walk.

  • Favorite Thing 12
    Comradery - sharing the same pains, hurts and joys that other women also experience - the hugs, the smiles, the laughter and tears that are shared.

  • Favorite Thing 13
    The feeling you get when you come together spiritually and emotionally.  And the Ladies leaning on one another for support in difference situation.

  • Favorite Thing 14
    My favorite thing about serving in women's ministry is being a part of lives that are being changed into God's image.  It's messy sometimes, but SO worth it!

    Seeing growth - not only in our ladies, but in myself.  It's so exciting to see lives changed - whether it's an abrupt change (like a light going off) or slow and steady, but definitely in the right direction!

  • Favorite Thing 15
    My favorite thing is loving on all the ladies and seeing the many blessings from our gatherings.

  • Favorite Thing 16
    I love the bonding of the women as we all come together for a common goal.

  • Favorite Thing 17
    I love to see women get connected with each other and more importantly with the Lord.

  • Favorite Thing 18
    I am the Pastor's wife & Ladies' Ministry leader of our small church. One of my favorite things about serving is the closeness & interconnectivity; allowing us to have each other’s backs, nudge to do things differently, learn from each other, lean on each other, and so much more.

  • Favorite Thing 19
    My favorite thing about serving is to share the Lord's blessings with others and show how much we are loved by Him.

  • Favorite Thing 20
    Seeing lives changed and others drawing closer to the Lord.

  • Favorite Thing 21
    The favorite thing about serving in ministry is seeing the women blossom and become more confident in themselves and discovering their worth in the Lord.

  • Favorite Thing 22
    My favorite thing about serving in the Women's Ministry is the teaching. I get to use one of my spiritual gifts from God to teach, evangelize, and upbuild other Women of God for His glory.

    It's truly an honor to serve God by serving the women.

  • Favorite Thing 23
    I work as a secretary at a small private Christian school.  It is a ministry to work with the students and staff.  As the secretary, I get to hear it all as parents and teachers share their needs, and yes, complaints.  This gives me an inside track on how to pray for each need. It is a blessing.

  • Favorite Thing 24
    I love having the opportunity to share the gospel with other women.  Once a woman trusts Christ as her Savior, her life and the life of her family is forever changed.  It is an honor to be able to encourage other women in the Lord.

  • Favorite Thing 25
    I enjoy talking with other women and gaining from their wisdom and knowledge about Gods word.  I love going to ladies days and studies.  I also love working with children’s classes and activities.  I am an elder's wife, mother of 2 beautiful girls, and a daughter of the King.

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