Ladies Retreat Planning: Type

Selecting the Type
of a Women's Ministry Event

Element 1 of the 5 Basic Elements of a Women's Ministry Event

Julia Bettencourt

Orignially Posted November 2, 2001

Reposted April 18, 2016

The 5 basic elements were originally part of my Successful Event Planning Information.  I have revised some of the information slightly.

I think selecting the type of function we want to hold is the first step in planning any event. Below are some various types of functions to consider having for your women's group. 

Remember that sometimes what your event is called just depends on what country or part of a country you are from.  

 Types of Functions

  • Meeting.

    Usually is a one evening session with one main speaker or when referring to monthly fellowship meetings. It typically entails a devotional, prayer time, and light refreshments.

  • Banquet.

    Centers around a meal, usually with special music and special speaker.

  • Jubilee.

    Jubilees in past days used to include more music and praise sessions but have evolved and now the words jubilee and retreat are sometimes used interchangeably where women's ministry is concerned.

  • Retreat.

    Typically a one or two day event filled with special music, special speakers, activities, and workshops.

  • Workshop.

    Usually refers to an event centering on one topic. Sometimes includes hands on activities.

  • Activity.

    Revolves around some type of activity such as shopping, crafting night, or tea. There are lots of activity ideas for women's ministry on the website.

Ask yourself some questions.

  • What is the value of the event that you want to consider?

  • What type of goals are you trying to reach by holding this event?

  • What are the long-reaching effects?

  • What kind of witness and outreach does it give?

  • What spiritual goals are met such as encouragement, teaching, and training?

  • Does it promote friendships and fellowship?

  • Does it encourage the use of spiritual gifts?

  • Does it encourage charitable giving and works?

  • What kind of atmosphere are you trying to achieve such as formal or relaxed and laid back?

  • What will this type of event do for your ladies? Is it something they need?

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