Ladies Retreat Planning: Size

Selecting the Locatin
of a Women's Ministry Event

Element 5 of the 5 Basic Elements of a Women's Ministry Event

Julia Bettencourt

Orignially Posted November 2, 2001

Reposted April 18, 2016

The 5 basic elements were originally part of my Successful Event Planning Information.  I have revised some of the information slightly.

The fifth element in planning a women's ministry event is gearing for the size or number of people in attendance. What size of group are you aiming for? The number of ladies that you are trying to reach will affect how you plan.

Select the Size or Reach of the Function.

Ask yourself some questions to determine the amount of people you are looking to reach for your event.

  • Are You gearing for your church ladies only?

  • Are You gearing for a particular age group?

  • Are you wanting your ladies to invite friends and family?

  • Are you inviting other churches within your community?

  • Are you inviting other churches within your state and region?

  • What size of group can you handle for your facility comfortably?

  • How many people can you have attend and not be over the firecode limit for your room or building?

  • What size of group can you handle for parking?

  • If you are providing childcare, what number of children can you handle in regard to workers and space?

  • If you are serving food, what number of people can you reasonably serve?

  • How much promotion are you planning on doing?

There are several ways to promote your women's ministry event on the website.

If you are planning a large function, you may want to use a registration or ticket method (even if you are not charging a fee). It will help you judge your attendance, and is especially useful for things like retreats and banquets.

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