Ladies Retreat Planning: Date

Selecting the Date
of a Women's Ministry Event

Element 2 of the 5 Basic Elements of a Women's Ministry Event

Julia Bettencourt

Orignially Posted November 2, 2001

Reposted April 18, 2016

The 5 basic elements were originally part of my Successful Event Planning Information.  I have revised some of the information slightly.

The second step in planning a women's ministry event is setting a date and getting it on your church calendar.

Selecting the Date of the Event

  • Check your church calendar of events for conflicts.

  • Be aware of school holidays.

  • Be aware of any community events.

  • Note that Fridays can be good or bad. Your ladies may like a Friday for weekend plans but it may interrupt family and outing plans that are already in place.

  • Note that Mondays are sometimes a turn off to those ladies who work and consider that day the start of their workweek. Many don't like to do things on a Monday. You have to find out more about your ladies and what their schedules are.

  • Keep in mind how much help you have to rely on and in what time frame your volunteers are available to help. Things like family vacations of those within your church will affect your planning.

  • Keep in mind the amount of time that you have to prepare before your event. There will always be things that need to fall into place beforehand.

If you are in a larger church a one or two-year advance date may be needed. If you are in a smaller church you may only need several months to prepare or even a few weeks. It all depends on the scale of activity you are aiming for.

I've mentioned this before probably more than a few times on the website, but you will never find a time and date that will please everyone.

Select your date early and get it on your church calendar. Be sure to go through whatever channels are necessary for it to be placed officially in your church calendar of events. 

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