Women's Leader Supply List

Women's Leader Supply List

Julia Bettencourt

Posted September 01, 2006

It is time to go Back To School!

Do you have the things needed on your supply list?

Box of Crayons.

Always be aware that your women's ministry is made up of all types of ladies.  They come in every color, every age, and are all at different stages and crossroads in their lives so make activities and things to try to target their needs.

Pens and Pencils.

Write lists and planning information out.  Make a calendar of activities out for the year.  Write out monthly and yearly goals for your women's ministry.


Always carry a small notebook or have a pad of paper handy to write down ideas that may come to you at the least excepted moment.  You never know when a great idea to enhance your women's ministry will pop up.


Remember to revolve everything in your women's ministry around the Bible (the best Book).  Use God's Word as the guide.


Plan activities that will encourage fellowship between the ladies in your group.  This will be the glue that binds your ladies together.


Work on cutting out all unnecessary things in your women's ministry such as bad attitudes and gossip.


Make sure you measure or evaluate the progress of your women's ministry from time to time.  Has attendance to activities grown?  Do your ladies fellowship more than before?  Do the ladies in your group seem to be growing spiritually?


Keep placing the staple of prayer into your women's ministry.  It will keep things from falling apart.

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women's ministry back to school tipTake advantage of Back to School sales to stock up on supplies for your women's ministry.  

Small notebooks can be used for prayer lists, index cards for games and icebreakers, pens for filling out forms, pocket folders to hold Bible study material, etc.

See this blog post for lots of ideas for using school supplies for women's ministry.

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