Women's Ministry Newsletter Ideas

Women's Ministry Newsletter Ideas

Julia Bettencourt

Posted July 30, 2007

Finding Content for Your Newsletters

  • Prayer Requests.

  • Birthdays.

  • Anniversaries.

  • Recipes..

  • Poems.

    See if you have talented women within your church that write.

  • Articles.

    Make them things of interest to your women.  Get permission to use the article from the author prior to using and make a copyright statement for them at the bottom of the article.

  • Stories.

  • Profile of Christian Women.

    They can be women from within your church, a missionary, a pastor’s wife or speaker.  

    They don’t have to be famous people but you could share Christian women who made a difference such as Fannie Crosby or Elizabeth Elliot.

    You could also profile women of the bible.  There is so much we can learn from these women.

  • A Hymn or Song History.

  • Sayings.
    You can find lots of sayings by searching by topic online.

  • Special Bible Verses.

  • Tips of Interest To Women.

    They can be on things such as cleaning, parenting, women's health, gardening, sewing, canning, seasonal (such as sun skin care for summer, decorating for Christmas, etc.).

  • Fun or Serious Statistics.

  • Joke or a "funny".

  • Church Announcements.

    Only put special announcements from your church in your Women’s Newsletter preferably the ones that relate to women.

    Don’t make your newsletter just an advertisement for your church functions.  You probably already have a bulletin for that.

    Make your newsletter something special for the ladies in your group.  They don’t want to reread the church bulletin when they pick up the newsletter.

  • Recipes.

    Those from your own ladies or from families within your church are the best kind.

  • List Leaders and Committee Members.

    You may not have room in each issue but from time to time list your Women’s Ministry leaders and their positions.

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Women's Ministry Newsletters How To's

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CLM Women's Ministry TipsTake advantage of the images on the website that you can use for emails and newsletters for your women's ministry.  

The majority of them you can add your own text to that will make them personal and pertinent to your ladies.

There are images for ladies Bible studies, ladies fellowships, and other headline images to call attention to your activities and events.

Find images for ministry in The Computer Room.

Technology and Online Tools for Women's Ministry

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