Building Theme Programs for Women's Ministry
Julia Bettencourt

Challenge of Women's Ministry

Ladies ask me all the time where I come up with my women's ministry themes. The answer is a lot of things. Sometimes it starts with a Bible verse, Bible topic, or Biblical principle. Other times it might be something not "spiritual" at all, but it might strike me and remind of a Bible verse or something about Christian living. Other times it might be that someone has asked me to come up with a theme for a particular topic.

Here are some things that have and still do inspire me for women's theme ideas.
  • The Bible
    There are all kinds of places to start in the Bible.
    • Something from your personal Bible study time that you would like to develop
    • Bible Topic
    • Biblical Character
    • Woman of the Bible
    • Biblical Character Trait
    • Just one verse that inspires you

  • Hymns and Songs
    I love the old hymns. Sometimes I sit at home at my piano and just play through some my old hymnbooks when I get a chance. Hymns have such great things in them. They have been one of my greatest inspirations when I work on women's ministry themes.

  • Everyday Objects
    This is another thing that seems to catch me up and say, "Hey! Look at me!". If you just look around, you'll be amazed at the Biblical lessons we can be taught from just everyday objects that are all around us.

  • People
    • Hurting people - They may inspire a topic that encourages the need of Christ in lives or reaching out.
    • Happy People - That may inspire something joyful or enthusiastic.
    • What They Say
    • How They Act

  • Sunday Sermons, Bible Messages, Sunday School Lessons
    There may be something in a Bible message that you may pull just one little point away and want to know more or that you want to focus on. You might be inspired to dig more out of what you heard in church and pretty soon it's inspired you to do a women's ministry theme on the topic.

  • Nature
    God made some beautiful and intricate things here on this earth to enjoy. You can tell by looking at the website that this inspires me. There are themes on bugs, bees, trees, sunflowers, cows, and roses, and even more things from God's beautiful creations. Here are several things you can draw from.
    • Animals
    • Insects
    • Flowers
    • Things such as mountains, rivers, oceans, trees, etc.
    • Weather

  • Magazine Titles and Stories
    Sometimes I've just glanced through a magazine and something has popped out at me. I was recently glancing at a photo spread of some projects that a couple had done who liked to refinish furniture. I think the title had something in in about "refurbishing" and "Refreshing". That made me think about how God can redo us. So be looking for a Thrift/Antique "Refurbishing" Theme on the site soon!
    (Update--It's here!)

  • Quotes
    They can be quotes from anywhere or you can concentrate on finding great quotes from where people are speaking in the Bible. Quotes from Christ are the greatest I think. But read through the Bible stories that have characters in them. They say some wonderful and profound things that would spark a women's theme.

  • Bumper Stickers
    Have you seen any good ones of these lately?

  • Book Titles and Subtitles
    You may use a purchased Bible Study book that you want to build a women's theme off of, or you may just see the title of an ordinary book and develop a theme from that.

  • Product Labels
    Ever see something on the side of a can that made you think? There's a Starch Theme on the website to give you an idea of how this can work. Be sure to read the starch devotional to see just how many things can come from one label.

  • Slogans
    These can be from products, campaign slogans, group slogans. Some of these can be inspiring and could work well for a women's ministry theme.

  • Food and Beverages
    Who knew you could find inspiration in that? The Coffee and Chocolate Themes on the website are good examples of this type of theme.

  • Hobbies and Sports
    I've found people relate well to the things they like to do and the Quilting and Sewing Themes fit into this category.

  • Holidays, Celebrations/Special Occasions
    We all celebrate these in our lives so they are great for women's themes. You'll find a Birthday Theme, and several Mother's Day, and Christmas Themes on the website. These are the ones that tend to be the higher frequented pages because they are important parts of people's lives.

  • Seasonal
    I'm a big lover of the change of seasons. It kind of gives a new lease on life, no matter which season we are just going into. There are always reminders of the season such as different kinds of flowers in bloom, different types of foods we prepare during those seasons, different temperatures that we enjoy. Anything about a particular season could spark a women's ministry theme.

Go ahead and get inspired!
Some ladies tell me they could never develop a theme like I do but I know that you all have deeper potential for the creative side than you think. It's like when we are told we use only a tiny percentage of our brain. I think the majority of people use only a small percentage of their God given creativity.

Just look around and let something inspire you to dig deeper. You'll be able to pull off building a women's theme. Sure, you may need help. Brainstorm with other ladies if you need to. No matter how long I've been doing this, I have the need to brainstorm as well from time to time. Just don't forget to slow down and see what's out there to try.

Print of the Theme Planning Form and work on your ideas one section at a time to build your theme. Be sure to print off copies for any ladies you want to brainstorm with.

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