Tips to Revitalize Your Women's Ministry

Tips to Revitalize Your Women's Minsitry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted June 26, 2008

According to Mr. Webster, revitalize means to give new life or vigor to.  

Does your Women's Ministry need new life?  Revitalizing doesn't always have to mean throwing out the old and replacing with the new, but there are things we can improve upon, adjust, and implement to help us as Women's Ministry leaders.


  • Pray for yourself as a leader.

  • Pray specifics such as for projects, certain goals to be met, and particular events.

  • Pray for the ladies within your group.

  • Pray for the ladies that are in leadership in your church.

  • Pray for your choices as a leader as to what Bible studies and spiritual direction you need to focus on.

  • Pray for an impact on your church and community from your Women's Ministry.

Take A Deep Look At Problem Areas.

Try to assess where problems lie.

  • Is there an area that you need to work on individually as a leader?

  • Is there anything that can be improved upon within your Women's Ministry?

  • Is there anything that should be cut from the Women's Ministry Program?  Sometimes as churches grow, time goes on, and needs and circumstances change, a part of your ministry that was once needed may not be necessary anymore and other needs may need to be met.

  • Is there anything that should be added?

  • Are you meeting the needs of your women's makeup?  You will always have all types of women within your group---single mothers, widows, those with small children, those with grown children, etc.

  • Do your monthly meetings run smoothly?

  • Do the ladies within your Women's Ministry have fellowship and get along?

  • Are the ladies within your Women's Ministry growing in the Lord?  Do you see changes in your ladies lives?  No spiritual growth can mean there is a problem.

Get Organized.

Begin at the beginning and get organized physically and spiritually.  Get your life in order and also your plans and goals for your Women's Ministry.

Get Everyone On Board.

Having church leaders as well as the women within your group all on board towards the same goals will help tremendously.

  • Stay in contact with your Pastor, deacons, and church staff.  Keep them informed on your plans and goals.  Let them know how excited you are to be involved in such an opportunity to serve.

  • Work on attendance at your ladies meetings and events.

  • Work up some promotion to get your ladies motivated to be a part of your local church's women's ministry.

  • Work in conjunction with your overall church calendar and community event schedule.

Use A Little Creativity.

You might already have a great women's ministry in your church.  You may just need to fine-tune a few things.  Start small.  Don't overhaul your women's ministry all at once.  For one thing, it isn't practical and people react better to any change when it comes in small doses.

  • This could include introducing or rearranging programs or events.

  • Implement little changes. You may need to just begin doing a few things differently than before.

  • Use motivating ideas.

  • You may just need to rearrange your meeting flow at your monthly meetings.

  • Involve your ladies in planning and carrying out jobs for your Women's Ministry.

  • Read Articles on Women's Ministry and stay informed.

  • Look for Helps to enrich your Women's Ministry program.

Remember Who You Are Serving.

Don't forget that though you are serving your church through ministry that you are ultimately serving the Lord.

  • Seek the leading of the Lord when deciding upon Bible studies, spiritual focus, material used, events and programs planned.

  • Rely on the Lord's strength.

  • Stay encouraged through the Lord.

  • Remember the work you are doing has eternal consequences.

  • Give all praise back to Christ.

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