Praying For Women
by Julia Bettencourt

As a leader, praying for the women within your Women's Ministry is vital. You may have a large group and can't pray for each of them every day, but you can rotate them or enlist a group of prayer warriors to help you pray for them each day.

If you are trying to build prayer warriors within your women's group, these are also some good reminders to give them in the area of praying for other women.

  1. Pray for them by name.  Choose something unique about them that you can thank the Lord for. This will help you focus just on them and not merely as a name.

  2. Pray for their known needs.  These are the things that are constantly on their minds and are current to them.

  3. Pray for their relationship with the Lord.  This is their spirituality. Pray they'd have strong faith, their prayer life, their attitudes, and that they'd grow in Christ.

  4. Pray for their jobs.  This is where they live everyday. Pray for relationships with co-workers, strength, clear thought. If they are a stay at home mom, you may want to pray for their handling of everyday situations, parental skills, their tongues in interacting with their children, their ability to handle all the daily responsibilities.

  5. Pray for their children. (If any)  These are important people in their lives. Relationships with our children can affect other parts of our lives as well.

  6. Pray for their husbands. (If any)  Our marriages are so important to us. Pray for their relationship and interaction with their husbands.

  7. Pray for their family.  Our extended families can have a big affect on us, especially if there's some turmoil going on. Be sure to pray for those family members that need salvation.

  8. Pray for their friends.  Friends are important relationships that matter to us as women. Be sure to pray for those friends that need salvation.

  9. Pray for their finances.  Everyone usually has some financial issues, whether it is debt, upcoming bills, keeping to a budget, or even how we plan for the future and spend our money.

  10. Pray for their choices.  We all make choices everyday. That's what life is about...making choices; whether little or big ones. Pray for good, godly, and wise choices.

  11. Pray for their health.  We need to pray not just when they are sick but for continued health.

  12. Pray for their strength.  Everyone is in need of strength and comfort, and encouragement whether we've just went through hard times or not.
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