Organization in Women's Ministry

Organization and Our Best

Julia Bettencourt

Posted May 23, 2001

Organization is one of the key points to any successful business in the world.  Most of us acknowledge that.  However, when it comes to the local church or church functions we somehow feel that organization is less important.

We'll spend months preparing for a family reunion or birthday party, and yet sometimes churches announce functions or fellowships the week before or in some cases the Wednesday before a special Sunday function.  When did God's work get so low on our agendas?

I am not inferring that a hastily planned church fellowship or ladies meeting cannot be Spirit-led, but when we never plan, never organize, never have any order, it is a reflection of how we view God's work. It is either important or not important.

I'm sure I have probably mentioned this somewhere along the way on this website already and will continue to mention it--the fact that we as Christians are children of the King!  The One Who made the universe.  He put the stars into place.  He's an orderly God and we are serving Him as we serve others.

I know you all know what I'm talking about.  You've been to the homecoming dinners or fellowships where they run out of mashed potatoes; or finger sandwiches before the whole food line gets around the room.

Just like me, you've probably been in churches where the vases put out on the fellowship tables are back from Noah's day with half the leaves off the greenery and what kind of flowers did they start out as anyway?  Full blooming roses?  Now they are small "buds" because so many petals have fallen off through the years.

Christ deserves better.  He deserves our best and serving Him with our best should be a priority.  I know that pastor's wives and ladies ministry directors are not always in control of schedules, but there are areas that we do have control and leadership of.

We need to strive to make every effort to serve God to the best of our ability.  If that means getting organized, then let's roll up our sleeves and begin working on it.

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Creative Ladies Organization TipOrganizing your Women's Ministry Files

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