lovely leader traits

4 Lovely Leader Traits

Julia Bettencourt

Posted January 15, 2015


S- Serving

W- Willing

A- Approachable

K- Kind

There are lots of traits that make up a women’s ministry leader and her team members and helpers, but I want to concentrate on just four of them.

1  Serving

A woman involved in women’s ministry has to be serving.  She has to have a servant’s heart.  In this ministry you usually don’t get to choose and pick what duties you want to perform.  Sometimes they are just dumped into your lap, but a servant does what is required. Serving people are lovely people.

  • She serves the Lord.

  • She serves her church.

  • She serves others.

2  Willing

A lovely women’s leader has to be willing to dig in and work to accomplish things.  Willing basically means just to be ready, eager, and prepared.

  • She has to be willing to listen and learn.

  • She has to be willing to work.

  • She has to be willing to do what isn’t comfortable (or out of her comfort zone).

3  Approachable

When you are involved in women’s ministry, you need to be approachable.  You can’t just be approachable to those who are your best friends, but all of the ladies in the group and in your church need to feel comfortable going to you whether it is for advice, a prayer matter, or even criticism.

  • She has to be approachable in her attitude.
  • She has to be approachable in her responses (how she reacts).
  • She has to be approachable in her ability to keep confidences.

4  Kind

A women’s leader who is kind is so nice to be around. She embodies that loveliness of Christ.  If you were a leader on a battlefield you might get away with not being kind, but I’m here to tell you that if you don’t show kindness when working with women’s ministry, you won’t accomplish much.

  • She has to be kind in her speech.
  • She has to be kind in her actions.
  • She has to be kind in her relationships.

We could  all do more to be lovely.

When we work within women’s ministry, whether it is as a women’s ministry director, team member, or some type of volunteer, we need to portray some lovely traits.  You will notice all these are not traits that we are necessarily born with.  These are things that can be worked on. 

We all could probably use some more of each of these things in our lives.  We can always have more of a serving heart, more of a willing attitude, more of an approachable nature, and we definitely all could be a little kinder.

What you will notice about these traits is that they project what we do and say outwardly towards Christ and other people.  We have to learn early on that women’s ministry is not about us. It is not a “me” ministry.

When we are placed within women’s ministry, we are placed there to serve Christ and others.  If we have the attitude that “It’s my way or the highway”, we won’t accomplish much as a women’s ministry leader.

As a matter of fact, we will eventually cause a crash and a pile-up, and we will be responsible for all the injuries sustained.  Selflessness goes along with what leadership in women's ministry is all about.

Concentrating on these four traits will help us go farther in our efforts of women’s ministry.  They will make us lovlier. We should be all wrapped up and S.W.A.K.!

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