Women's Ministry Kick Off Sample Agenda
Julia Bettencourt

Kick Off Agenda Sample

This is just a sample of what to include on your agenda for your Women's Ministry Kick Off Meeting. You may need more or less items to fit your needs.

See the Kick Off Planning Page for advance planning ideas
for your Kick Off.

  1. Welcome.

  2. Opening Prayer.

  3. General Announcements.

  4. Recognition.
    • Recognize current Leadership for your Women's Ministry (name and position).
    • Recognize and thank all volunteers that have helped over the last year.

  5. Music (chorus or special).

  6. Word From the Women's Ministry Leader.

  7. Business Matters.
    Take care of any business matters such as voting if you need to vote in officers, filling out and turning in any forms, etc.

  8. Plans for the New Women's Ministry Year.
    • Include any fundraisers, activities, types of bible studies, or events that are going to be held.
    • Share that there are opportunities for every lady.
    • If you have various leaders in charge of different ministries or projects within your main Women's Ministry, you may want to allow them each to give a brief description of what they will be doing in that ministry or for that project.
    • If you've passed out a calendar for the year, or material on various projects, draw attention to that.

  9. Skit or Music (chorus or special).

  10. Challenge Time.
    Ideas for different types of challenges:
    • Highlight various ministries through slide or power point presentation and focus on the impact that has been made and can be made through your Women's Ministry.
    • Have one or few ladies share a testimony of how the Women's Ministry has affected their lives.
    • Devotional (something motivational such as unity, teamwork, reaching goals, serving, making a difference, etc.)

  11. Closing Remarks
    • Bring meeting to a conclusion.
    • Recognize any volunteers who helped in planning and preparing Kick Off.

  12. Prayer

  13. Refreshments

  14. Sign Ups
    • Have sign up sheets available if you need your ladies to sign up for various ministries or projects.

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