Fundraising in Women's Ministry

Fundraising in Women's Ministry

Julia Bettencourt

Posted July 30, 2007

Most churches give very little budget or none to their Women's Ministries and so ladies groups end up having to do some types of fundraisers.

I realize that not all churches feel fundraisers are right for them but I've found the majority of women's groups struggle in this area because more often than not, Women's Ministries are not placed as an item in the church budget.

In order to do projects and functions, it takes some cash flow so here's a few suggestions and ideas for you if you need to take that route.

Important Note:   Since your church is probably tax exempt, make sure you don't "sell" things, but suggest a "donation" of your amount wanted instead.

Garage/Yard Sales

  • Have someone with a truck ready to haul things to 2nd hand shops or charity when the garage sale is over.

  • Put all items in 25 cent increments. In other words, 25, 50, 75, on up to dollar amounts. This keeps you from counting too many pennies, dimes, and nickels at the end (a big time saver!). Also it's easier just to have to have quarters and dollars on hand for making change.

  • Use zip lock bags to group smaller things in and sell for one price.

  • Make sure to check with your city or county to see if you need a permit before holding your sale.

Bake Sales

Silent Auctions


  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Lasagna Dinner
  • Soup and Salad Luncheon
  • Barbecue
  • Tri-Tip Dinner

Church Cookbook

  • If you have the ability to do your cookbook in house that's great but there are many companies that will publish your cookbooks at affordable prices where you can still make a profit.
  • Just search "cookbook fundraisers" in your favorite search engine or ask around to see if you know someone or a group that has done them before to get ideas.

Church/Community Wide Event

  • This could be a Harvest Fair, Carnival, or Craft Show for church and community.

  • Have booths for various games, food items, and crafts.

  • Make sure to get a permit from your city or county if needed.

Product Fundraising

There are many companies that provide fundraising products that you can check into.

  • Chocolate
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Cookie Dough
  • Candles

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