Negativity to going to come along when dealing with women's ministry, so you'd better be prepared for it.

Dealing with Negativity in Ministry

Dealing with Negativity (in ministry)

Julia Bettencourt

Posted August 29, 2011

There’s really not one easy way of dealing with negativity, but it comes up in women’s ministry so it’s always nice to have a few things in mind to help combat it.

1  Know Negativity Is Coming.

It’s part of reading the opposition.  You have to know it’s one of those enemies that may come charging at you from time to time.  Be on your guard.

2  Be Positive.

Sometimes just inserting a little positively into the conversation will help.  Just like negativity, you can spread some positively as well.  Have a positive attitude.  When negativity comes at you when you aren’t so positive yourself, you will teeter on the edge of caving to the result of that negativity.

3  Consider the Source.

Is the negativity coming from someone who’s always negative or never has a good thing to say about anybody?  Evaluate whether you should put much stock into what they have to say.

4.  Don’t’ Get Angry.

It won’t help to get angry over negativity.  Aside from the fact that it isn’t appropriate for a ministry leader, it won’t solve the problem.  It will just make new ones.

5.  Depend on God’s Strength.

Negativity can drain anyone.  Make sure you are relying on the Lord as your strength and not your own.

6.  Have Your Speech Under Control.

Harsh answers and mean words should not be part of a Christian’s speech, let alone a leader, but negativity aimed right at you can get under anyone's skin so we have to watch out.  Guard your speech and keep it pleasing to the Lord.

7.  Guard Your Meetings and Activities.

Don’t allow a platform at meetings and activities for someone to spew their negativity.  When it creeps in, deal with it quickly.

8.  Don’t Mistake all Criticism for Negativity.

Sometimes we ignore all criticism and label it negativity.  Study the issue and see if there is any real truth to what you are faced with.  It might not have come at you in a constructive way, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it completely.

9.  Once you are Hit with Negativity, Don't
      Forget to Pray! Pray! Pray!

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