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Here at CLM you will find ideas and planning information to help develop your local church Women's Ministry into an effective outreach. The aim is to teach, motivate, and encourage.  I trust you'll go away with a few new ideas, having been encouraged...Julia

Election Time Devotional Is this election time making you a little anxious?

At the End of the Day

Pineapple Devotional for Women's LeadersWomen's Leaders, How sweet are you on the inside?

Pineapple Sweet Leaders

Takeaway TuesdayCoffee filter simple and easy hot cocoa packaging.

Takeaway Tuesday(on my blog)

Do the Flamingo Devotional It's time to learn from one of God's amazing creatures.

Do the Flamingo

Snap out of it Leaders Devotional
Are you stretching your faith, as flexible as you should be, or stretching yourself too thin as a leader? 

Snap out of it!

The Leades we Crave Article What are we really looking for in our women's ministry leaders?

The Leaders
we Crave

A Fresh Look...

The website has been redesigned but I am still not quite finished. I apologize that you may run into errors over the next few days (or week). Thank you for your patience.

You can now find a drop down menu along the top of every page.  The devotionals and event themes have been broken down into categories for you.  There is also a Quick Menu to the right.

One thing I've done which I hope is a help to you, is that I have shown the dates on each article and devotional so that you know when it was posted.

I have tried to put the related resources on the same page with the material on the site that it may coordinate with.  You will also find some "Creative Tips" scattered about many of the pages.

The font has been enlarged on the website so online reading is a little more pleasant as well.  

There are new banners for sharing the website.  I appreciate each of you who share the website through Twitter, Facebook, and other social means.

A new forum for you to interact has also been placed on the website.  You are all invited to come be a part as we get to know each other, learn from each other, and fellowship together.

I hope you will enjoy the new layout and that you will visit often.

Don't miss these pages on the website!

Anchored in Christ Devotional Starters

Anchored in Christ Women's Ministry Theme

Flamingo Devotional Starters

Fla"mingle" Women's Ministry Theme

A Personal Word...

Thanks to all of you who prayed for me this summer while I went through a total knee replacement.  I just have one more session of outpatient therapy (unless they decide I need more).

I'm feeling pretty good and I appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement that so many of you have shown me.  

Thank you!!


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