Creative Ladies Ministry with Julia Bettencourt
Creative Ladies Ministry with Julia Bettencourt

Just wanted to touch base with you. If you don't follow along on Facebook or receive the updates, I had knee surgery (total knee replacement) on June 28. I've been recovering from that and will start outpatient therapy next week. Sometime later this month or by the first part of September I will get back to updating the website and will have a few new things for you.

Thanks so much for those who have been praying for me. I appreciate it!...Julia

Welcome to Creative Ladies Ministry

Here at CLM you will find ideas and planning information to help develop your local church Women's Ministry into an effective outreach. The aim is to teach, motivate, and encourage Christian women through the website. Find out more here.

First Day of Women's Ministry
Nervous about starting your ladies meetings back up after a long break?

First Day Tips
Back to School Devotional
Get back to the school of life to serve Christ!

Back to School
Time Travelers Devotional
Come travel with me and meet up with some wonderful Christian ladies through time.

Time Travelers

Julia Bettencourt
Chewing gum Devotional
Watch out! You don't want to find yourself stuck to the bottom of a desk somewhere.

Gummed Up
working in women's ministry
Find out the joys of working in women's ministry from women's leaders all around the world.

Joys of Workig in Ministry
Look Gather Glean Leader Devotional
Look, gather, and glean has been a motto on the website for a long time. Find out why.

Look, Gather, Glean!

Hello and Welcome!

My desire is to share with you some of the things I've learned and gleaned over the years through different aspects of ministry.

I trust you'll go away with some good ideas, having been encouraged...Julia

Branded Devotional

Women's Ministry Surveys
A big "thank you" to everyone who helped me celebrate my 15 years on the web.
I appreciate all the comments and emails of congratulations and encouragement...Julia
Shop Women's Ministry Resources
Shop resources for women's ministry. There are surveys to go with themed events, leader helps, and various printables.

Shop Resources

Watch my video about all the mantras in women's ministry right now that we should really think about before promoting.

My You Tube Channel
Enlarge my Coast Devotional
Don't let anything skew your view or keep you in a box. It's no fun living in app mode.

Enlarge my Coast
soul sisters devotional
Our friendships with other women are important.
How do you encourage your sisters in Christ?

Soul Sister Devotional
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